May 20, 2019

Sunanda-Loya Deaths

The anti-Hindu political party is never short of tricks and the pro-Hindu party leaders will keep getting hit below the belt and their followers always in a fix. The Sunanda-Loya Deaths and the milking by the various agents is really interesting because the pro-Hindu party is caught in a fix because of its inability in pursuing the Sunanda murder case in spite of being in power for 4 years and the anti-Hindu party has lifted a closed case and will be used to roast the pro-Hindu party over secular coals.

In both the murder cases, the families of the deceased person seem to have accepted the death and for all reasons have moved on.  But the agents of agenda from various sides have latched on to the donot want to see the death go waste and have kept the doubts lingering in the minds people with poor long term memory. The agents have sensationalized the issue nationally and internationally to score brownie points without bringing any conclusion.

Between the pro and anti Hindu parties, the pro-Hindu party is generally the one to accept the verdict of the courts in a gracious fashion. The anti-Hind party has modified and meddled with the judiciary to get the judgments to favor its agenda. The recent 4 judge issue is only part of the larger agenda of the anti-Hindu party to punch the constitution abiding pro-Hindu party below the belt.

The 4 judge revolt may not be directly related to the Sunanda-Loya death issue but one thing becomes that can be understood that the anti-Hindu party is good at tinkering the systems in spite of not being in power. It is also a cause of concern that the anti-Hindus are the lead behind the party or it is the party itself that is completely anti-Hindu. Whatever may be the internal workings of the anti-Hindu party, their ability to control is highly laudable.

Knowing well the workings of the Indian judiciary and their speedy disposal of case, this Loya death issue would be continued till the petitioner backs off from the Sunanda murder case and several other cases related to the anti-Hindu party. The judiciary is in a bind because a honest workings would lead to packing of a lot of the top leaders of the anti-Hindu party to jails because of their previous judgments and the collegiums cabal cannot take lightly the overturning of the previous judgments.

The anti-Hindu party has made sure that it remains publicly disconnected to the Loya case while in private it the force behind it. The pro-Hindu party is busy giving lollipop justice to the citizens in the various corruption cases and there seems to be no end to it. The anti-Hindu party has delivered a hard punch to the pro-Hindu party and the later is seeing the stars in daylight because of the manipulation of the information in the public.

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