April 24, 2019

Sunday Reckoner: Tale of Two Cities- Delhi and Paris


Sunday 23rd April 2017 will be a cliffhanger for two cities – Delhi and Paris. Paris would go for first phase of presidential elections . France’s nationalist and Delhi’s anarchist – a contrast of candidates in two cities poles apart in terms of geography, demographics and infrastructure makes it all the more interesting to watch two elections closely.


The self proclaimed anarchist is trying every trick in the book to resurrect his diminishing political clout. Advertisements depicting Kejriwal wave sound as hollow as merits of his trademark “Odd-Even” scheme. Municipal elections of Delhi will be a referendum on Kejriwal’s governance and if we take opinion poll results with a pinch of salt, it  clearly depicts a rout for AAP.



French Presidential election (first phase) is grabbing attention world over. Paris was attacked again and Le Pen demanded closure of all mosques in the country. City has been attacked over and over again. Far right presidential candidate has advocated exit from European Union. EU would be in shambles if France moves out after Brexit. Free borders of EU have posed challenges in controlling immigration. France is on the cusp of nationalist renaissance.


Will French presidential election pull off a political upheaval ? Le Pen might  “Trump” her opponents. There is a strong sentiment against open border policies and recent attacks on Paris will just act as a catalyst to harness the public anger against left leaning presidential candidates. World political order is changing. After Erdogan in Turkey, Le Pen may change French political landscape.

Picture Credit: Screen shots from Twitter and speacial thanks to @brakoo


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