April 19, 2019

Surgical Strike 2 – Effect and Expectations

Indians are emotional and intelligent too. Specially the new generation. They are in a hurry, they want solutions, they respect innovation and they value time and money.

No doubt that the system for the last six decades has been created to suit a particular class but the need to change and expect better things from the government was always there. First time voters and their family have high expectation Mr Modi. Opposition has high expectation from Mr. Modi and Media too. There is a difference between expectation of all three. One wants him to succeed and clear the mess of last six decades. Second wants him to fail miserably and last wants him to be seen in bad light most of the time.

India has come a long way. What our ex two PM’s Mr. PV Narsimha Rao and  Mr Atal Bihari Vajpayee did was wasted.

The parallel economy ( Black Money) has deep roots and same needs to be eliminated. It’s an excellent move our PM has taken. Modi’s Surgical Strike 2 on Black Money took place on 9th and whole India-World got a major shock.

It was unbelievable but true. Mr. Modi addressed the nation in live telecast.

Over all its good move to curb militant, fake currency network operators & legal (share business) n Non legal betting expert.

Who will tell us a truth where black money launders arrested/affected ?

What we see post this effect is middle class and SME (Small -Medium Entrepreneurs) are worried, tense with their 5-10-20 lakhs so called undisclosed income! The people who do not have habit of banking would be declared black money launder, and will be punished ? What about the large Corporate? Ministers (in all respective ruling/ non ruling govt) Are these making any smart move with hand in hand position ?

Our PrimeMinister need to observe and take a action on:
A) IPO scams  helping companies to become big over night.
B) There are rags to riches story of Corporator, MLA, MPs, Ministers in short time span of 3-5 years.

Even if they don’t declare any Black Money Mr. Modi government is duty bound to tell citizens what action is taken against them. Ordinary citizens joining politics and then suddenly you see them in Luxury cars. Something an ordinary citizens can’t afford in his/her lifetime. They have five star hotels, chain of schools, colleges, stadiums, etc. We would like to know the formula. If it is not genuine. And reality is it is not genuine the government has to go after them and ask for the money trail right from the inception of the business empire.

Family of politicians are owners of businesses. They need to be brought to books.

Citizens are going to be in good humor only till such time consistent action is taken. The moment citizens realize that the rich and mighty are untouched it would be a bad day for the government.

Citizens look forward to winter session of the parliament. The opposition would create ruckus, walk out and demand of roll back or bear minimum extension of use of old currency. The government should not budge like it did in case of NDTV one BAN.

The people who have cooperated with the government for a good cause will not buy any excuse.

Go after government staff who would continue to take bribe.

Next step ask people to declare gold, jewellery and real estate assets. There are many who have benami properties. Seize them. Let the owners provide details of how they got the money. Enough of money can be collected.

Make life miserable for the corrupt. Middle class is happy because they were law abiding citizens. Paid taxes. They are looking at PM with high respect and great expectation that he can’t imagine.

After paying taxes what citizens want. Basic amenity and facility. Why should lower income and middle income group should put their children in convent schools. Use the money to create good schools, roads, secure cities, town and villages. State of art medical facility.

And last but not the least there arrest people who are spreading rumors. Why ordinary citizens are arrested and big and mighty are not touched?

This war on back money has to be 360 degree.

Jai Hind

Picture Credit: India Live Today




The Author is Nitin Naik. He owns an Advertising Agency based out of IMG_20161115_094758_553Mumbai.

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