April 21, 2019

Surgical Strike on Intellect : Mental Check Up for Prince of Khaat

A decisive approach to own and declare publicly surgical strikes on terror launch pads across LOC has soared up Modi government ratings. Opposition is on a shaky ground as they fear that rise in Modi’s popularity will have an impact of upcoming state elections in Punjab and UP.

Though surgical strikes happened across the border, it had a spillover effect on the undisputed Prince of Khaat. It has impaired his intellect . He claims Modi is profiteering from sacrifices of Indian soldiers who laid down their lives carrying the surgical strikes. He has definitely lowered the level of public discourse in the country. He has taken it lower depths. Sonia Gandhi’s Maut ka Saudagar comment haunted her party in elections. Same fate awaits after Khoon ki Dalaali diatribe. The party who has a history of profiteering starting from Bofors to 2G and National Herald speaks about profiteering. Nothing could be more ironical.

As Dr Swamy has aptly suggested a comprehensive mental check up for the Prince it might restore some sense of propriety, decency and decorum which is terribly missing.

Picture Credit: dnasyndication.com


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