May 19, 2019

Synergy, Strategy and Surgical Vengeance

The meticulous execution of surgical strikes on terror launch pads across LOC signals a remarkable synergy between diplomacy, military and political will power. Newsrooms were abuzz with India weighing options on revoking MFN status to Pakistan and revisiting Indus Water Treaty. Modi’s specch at Kozhikode did not signal any immediate military retaliation. An element of surprise was being bulit and Uri was avenged yesterday night.

Pakistan, as usual, has been delusional and has refuted surgical strikes. Let them be. Pakistan never expected that Uri would generate such response. They thought this would be another Pathankot. Dossiers will be exchanged. Kudos to the current political establishment for retaliating at the appropriate time. A strong message was needed.

In the wake of surgical strikes, Pakistan is spreading another false propaganda. Dubbing Kashmir as unfinished agenda of partition is not going to get any traction. Since PoK, is an integral part of India, surgical strikes did not violate provisions of Shimla agreement. Moreover, it was an anti-terror operation rather than a military one. Post surgical strikes, 26 envoys have been briefed about intent and backdrop of the strikes. A good manoeuvring by the government so that Pakistan does not set another false narrative.

A cohesive strategy should be devised wherein terrors camps across LOC could be purged in a systemic fashion. This requires secrecy to ensure minimal collateral damage. No more Live reporting/ Tweeting for military operations. A kick in butt for likes of B(d)utt.

Picture Credit: Screen shots on Twitter

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