Tackling the High Unemployment rate in Jordan and Bangladesh at the core of Action Agenda for Change 2020

The initiative is being implemented as part of the Indian-European social change ecosystem and works to achieve objectives listed on the Action Agenda for Change 2020.

The project tackles the current unemployment issue of Jordan and Bangladesh as well as India and various EU member states. Centered on the primary problem of increasing rates of unemployment, this project aims to use sustainable methods to mitigate the issue.

The primary stage of operation is to create awareness programs to promote entrepreneurship as a feasible solution and break down cultural barriers. This will include workshops, seminars, awareness campaigns where people will learn about entrepreneurship as a whole. In the context of Bangladesh and Jordan, social entrepreneurship is still a fairly new prospect with its risks. People are still very much afraid to take up this path which deviates from the commonly taken conventional roads to success. Since there are a small number of people taking up entrepreneurship, there are also very limited role models to follow. As a result there is a large information gap as well as misconceptions about entrepreneurship.  The workshop series designed can bridge this gap and encourage people to take up entrepreneurship as a viable option to livelihood.  The cultural stigma that is associated with taking the risk of creating your own business shall also be addressed and targeted to be reduced. The goal would be to remove the prejudice and misconception about social entrepreneurship as a career choice and to instigate the possibilities and scopes of social entrepreneurship as practical approach to reduce the high rate of unemployment focusing on Jordan and Bangladesh.

The second stage of this project aims at introducing inclusive and intensive entrepreneurship skills development and life skills development training.  This is a further step to reinstate the possibilities of social entrepreneurship through targeted training programs. It comes secondary after the primary stage of workshops to inform. Once potential social entrepreneurs have the necessary information on the subject matter, they will be further trained on how to get down to the field and implement their plans. There will be categories and sub-categories in which they will be divided, tending to specialized needs. Starting from the very basics, entrepreneurship and its ups and downs, how to mitigate difficult situations, how to establish brand value, advertisement, and more will be extensively trained.  They will be taught how to take their first steps on the entrepreneurial ecosystem and get the practical tools to transform their ideas into strong business projects and shape their venture ideas. The training program will also aim to help the potential entrepreneurs to firm their plans and consolidate their knowledge. They will analyze the barriers, opportunities and markets in their sector and learn about the processes and structures that will help them grow their business.

The third stage of the project aims to provide networking opportunities and connecting budding entrepreneurs with support organizations and investors. This will help them in establishing their ideas into potentially successful business or social organizations or projects.  After going through the first two stages of the intensive training program, this stage will help them in transforming the ideas into reality and ultimately reaching the goal of the project, which is to reduce unemployment.  The entrepreneurs would be introduced to leadership examples and pitfalls, one on one session for integrated training, key milestones set, choosing an appropriate company structure, financing rounds and legal consultations.

Through these objectives, we hope to mitigate the problem of high unemployment in both Bangladesh and Jordan as the context is similar in both the countries.

The article is written by a group changemakers representing Action Agenda for Change 2020. The objectives and activities of the projects proposed are still work in progress. The article has been translated from local languages and may have grammatical errors. For more, please visit Make Room India on facebook.



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