April 21, 2019

Talks in Kashmir

With the lynching of a police officer in Kashmir by an Islamic mob the liberals have again begun making noises that the government should start talks with the handlers of lynch mob. Yes the talks are very important and the government should arrange for the talks and not be part of the talks. The only government that should join the talks is the state government because it is the state government that has failed to control the law and order in the radical Islam dominated parts of Kashmir. The failure of local governance has mandated the center put the armed forces to protect the sovereignty of the nation. Only the state government has to indulge in talks because it has failed in this objective.

The question that remains is regarding the topic of the talks with the Islamic lynch mob of Kashmir. The talks should be regarding the number of times the radical islamists are doing namaz, if they are fasting enough to please their gods. After the talks about religion are concluded satisfactorily the next set of talks should be regarding the ways of earning by the radical Islamic lynch mob which does the stone pelting, burn down the schools, not allow business get conducted, threatens students. Next on the agenda is the time period for the radical Islamic lynch mob about their plan to quit Kashmir and go away to Pakistan or any other shariah compliant nation and their financial plans regarding the same.

If the lynch mob is not ready for talks in these matters then there is nothing for the government to talk because the lynch mob is asking for something that is not mandated by the constitution. The state government is bound by the constitution and in case the state government too wants to play along with the Islamic lynch mob then the central government should join the talks and the agenda of this also is very important because no talks should ever take place without a publicly declared agenda. If the matters are not made public then there would be suspicions regarding the agenda of the Islamic lynch mob and also of the government.

The agenda of talks of the central government if at all it indulges in talks is regarding making the list of people who want azadi from India and their non-constitutional fantasies. If the desire is for azadi the government cannot do it as it has no mandate regarding the same and hence it can only ask the Islamic lynch mob if it wants to go to any shariah compliant nation or get the promised 72virgins. If the demand is not for azadi then the talks should be regarding the vacating of the properties of the kashmiri pundits and reconstructing the damaged temples of the hindus in Kashmir. The next topic should be regarding banning of the mosques which preach stone pelting and other anti-constitutional agendas. If the Islamic lynch mob does not want the talks in these matters then there is nothing to talk because the government has no right to do talks that are beyond its mandate.

The Islamic lynch mob of Kashmir and their supporters everywhere should realize that no part of India after the partition will be allowed to become a shariah compliant and even if it becomes one it will be changed back to Indian Constitution compliant one. The Islamic jihadi madness has to stop and the appeasement of these radical elements by the government, courts, police have to stop because the need for appeasement has never reduced. The correction within the Islamic society does not happen with the changing times and instead the radical elements are striving to go backwards to 7th century. If a society wants to go to 7th century but fights its enemies with all possible modern and ancient weapons, why should the common citizen pay for such activities?

Hence the only agenda that needs to be sorted is regarding the timeline of the renouncing of the Islamic jihadi agenda by the radical elements of the Kashmir society. This is the only talks in Kashmir that is needed.

Picture Credit: Times Now


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