April 21, 2019

Tall Claims, Pygmy Actions Story of MSM in India


Time to remind clone of rowdy Sardesai; news is a serious vocation, those in Media are as accountable as they perceive others to be, selective amnesia does not help matters, this is the story of Rahul Kanwal of Headlines Today who interviewed  the then Chief Minister of Gujarat Shri Narendra Modi during his Sadbhavna Mission fast at University Convention Hall in Ahmedabad on 17th September 2011

Following 5 riots were named by Mr Modi

1.1969 Gujarat,

2,1984 Delhi,

3.1989 Bhagalpur


5.2002 Gujarat,

Rahul Kanwal agreed to do a study to compare reason for violence and response of the state  government in office then. Please watch the video and hear for yourself the conversation.

If you wish to watch this video on vimeo.com click the link https://vimeo.com/169054661

Now lets Ask Rahul Kanwal?

1. What did he do about this since 2011?

2.Did he do the study?

3.What did it expose?

4.Did 2002 prove to be the least troublesome than all others.?

5.Did Modi govt of Gujarat acquit itself with prompt and proper action?

6.Were the finding inconvenient for congress?

7. Was that the reason why Rahul Kanwal did not share the finding?

8. Was Rahul Kanwal already convinced modi govt of Gujarat wud come up trumps if he did the study?

Silence is the best course when it ‘s evident your political paymaster is going to get hurt.

Rahul Kanwal instead of reporting news has been occupied in playing fastest finger first.”Breaking News” has no buyers, now this petty ego clash will further reinforce Social Media as the only credible News source for publis. MSM IS that breed which sniff the news & runs away with its tail firmly tucked between it s legs. Leave the space open for Social Media user to share the news.

Nothwithstanding the serious lack of Equipment and expertise. Social Media is doing a commendable job of being a watch dog of India’s Democracy.

Should (MSM) they be engrossed in fastest finger first or should they be performing their primary duty of news gather and broadcasting.

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