May 19, 2019


O Paneerselvam is everything that Manmohan Singh is not.

Their similarities are striking , they both reverently, faithfully and selflessly worked for their mentors , the former for Jayalalitha and the latter for Sonia Gandhi . They both have a clean image and they have proved to be able administrators .

The most striking dissimilarity is the issue of – CONSCIENCE .

Proverb :
He who sacrifices his conscience to ambition , burns a picture to obtain the ashes.

Manmohan’s PICTURE of goodness, ability and innocence is BURNT to leave behind the ASHES of greed of one Family.

If Paneerselvam had chosen to prostrate to ‘ChinAmma’, bow to her whims and fancies , to remain in the shadows and to be bullied by the ‘Mannargudi Mafia’ , he would have sold his SOUL at the alter of greed and power.

The dramatic 40 minutes at the SAMADHI of his mentor changed him. His CONSCIENCE got the better of him , he preferred to sacrifice his power & influence to heed the call of his ‘INNER VOICE’.

THE greedy ‘ChinAmma’ called him a traitor , his colleagues – the legislators deserted him – rather they were spirited away to isolated locations by the mafia , the Police authorities refused to report to him . He stood a isolated man.

Is he alone and helpless ?

How can a man be alone when his CONSCIENCE is with him ? How can he be helpless when entire Tamilnadu is with him ?

The unprecidented groundswell of support he is receiving from all tamilians and everyone from across India is proof that CONSCIENCE may be a dead word for politicians , but not to the PEOPLE.

Paneerselvam may lose his battle today and Sashikala may win. But  OPS has won the hearts of the people because he RESPECTED HIS INNER VOICE.

Time is not lost – Manmohan can even now heed and respect his CONSCIENCE to emerge a clean man from the shadows of obscurity.


Picture Credit:The Pioneer


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