April 19, 2019

Tamil Nadu Bedlam..

There wasn’t a twist in the tail, the glue that was applied at Kuvatur held the bunch together and Edappadi sailed through without a hitch but not without a heavy dose of bedlam, the kind of which that wasn’t witnessed for a while in Indian politics.

Of all the people it was the DMK, a party unrelated (and should have remained unconcerned) to the internal bickerings of AIADMK. With their histrionics & fireworks the DMK Legislators enlivened the proceedings that otherwise was progressing smoothly.

It was a queer sight to watch, AIADMK MLA’s who boozed to their gills in the resort were sitting silently whereas the DMK was all over the place. Throwing books, ripping papers, snatching mike’s , breaking furniture and manhandling the flustered and hapless SPEAKER.

THE DMK borrowed a bit of the script from JOLLY LLB – they sat on a Dharna in the well of the house, the only difference was that the courtroom drama was a peaceful one, whereas the one inside the assemble was chaotic (and ‘KANDRAVI’ meaning hopeless in my mother’s words).

The high voltage drama spilled out onto the streets. Stalin, DMK’s defacto Leader was forcefully evicted from Fort St George, he walked the streets like Arnold Schwarzenegger, shirt undone and hair tussled ( he obviously isn’t blessed with a sculpted body like Arnold), pandemonium engulfed the streets of Chennai.

Big takeaways – Stalin stole the limelight, Edappadi stole the Chair, OPS stole the HEARTS..


Picture Credit: India Live Today

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