May 23, 2019

Tamil Nadu Then, Now and Future

ChinnaAmma Cometh !!!

A thrilling potboiler with an adequate sprinkling of suspense and drama, spellbinding script and superlative performances by the cast.

A description fit for a blockbuster movie but unfortunately this is no movie, this is a drama being played out in Tamilnadu politics.

The outpouring of grief was unprecedented, Jayalalitha the omnipotent Amma of Tamilnadu departed leaving behind a grieving populace. A valiant lady who won many a battles lost her final battle, but not without a brave fight, albeit protracted.

A vacuum, many thought, could never be filled, was filled with alacrity by an enigma called Sashikala. The ‘Chinna Amma’ and her family, popularly (sic) known as the ‘Mannargudi Mafia’  dealt their cards well, made the right moves, pulled the right strings to ensure a smooth transition. The reins of AIADMK was firmly in the hands of ‘Chinna Amma’ even before the tears of grief over the sad demise of Tamilnadu’s beloved ‘Amma’ had dried up.

Sashikala’s proximity to Jayalalitha is not disputed nor is her decades of association questioned, but is she right in aspiring to fill the shoes of such illustrious leaders as MGR and Jayalalitha is a question that’s on the minds of every Tamilian?

Conspiracy theories, rumor’s and murmurs are doing the rounds. It’s not just the fertile imagination of people that’s fueling these theories, the events of the past couple of months have given rise to a host of questions, answers for which may never be forthcoming.

Was she poisoned ? Was she dead much before 5th Dec. ? Why wasn’t anyone allowed to see her when she was in Apollo? Why were her relatives prevented to be with her ? Did she leave a ‘Will’ ? Many such questions, some accusatory and some pertinent.

Without delving on conspiracy theories and rumor’s, it is proper and responsible to focus on something that require answers, that not only dispel the doubts but also help in setting the record straight, after all it concerns the interests of Tamilnadu and it’s people.

Perplexing everyone was the total blackout of info on Jaya’s ailments. An entire hospital floor was a virtual fortress accessible only to Sashikala and her family members. Where was the need to maintain such a high level of secrecy , aren’t the people who elected her and adored her have the right to know what happened ?

Relatives of Sashikala who were detested by Jayalalitha made a silent comeback. They were prominently present and in complete control of the funeral process . This set the rumor’s mills churning and rising doubts about Sashikala’s true intentions. Would a true friend and trusted confidant allow people banished by ‘Amma’ to come anywhere near her ? Has the Chamaeleon revealed it’s true colors ?

Only time will tell whether AMMA’s legacy will continue to live, but  AIADMK MLA’s legacy of prostration continues to live, earlier it was AMMA and now it is ‘Chinna Amma’ .

The political scene in Tamilnadu is in for a massive upheaval. With AMMA gone and the DMK patriarch on his last leg, a humongous void is imminent. BJP has made its first move, when MODI expressed his condolences to Sashikala, did he bless her ? Is this the beginning of detente of convenience ?

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Author Mr. Narasimhan OSL is a consultant for Auto-LPG based in Hyderabad. He has interest in  current affairs, likes to read a lot and write a bit. 

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Consultant for Auto-LPG based in Hyderabad. He has interest in current affairs, likes to read a lot and write a bit.
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