May 21, 2019

Tax Payers loving Proactive Decisions of CM Yogi

Tax payers’s in Uttar Pradesh are loving the quick decision making of the new CM Yogi Adityanath.

The opposition and media that played vital role in making Akhilesh Yadav image larger than life and as if he has done some favor by doing development (not even on paper) is now busy finding the first major fault in CM. Though there is nothing that they could find in their magnifying glass and report the same to their masters. They had to satisfy with anti romeo campaign and tundey kawaab shop. One hour delay. So many times the aircraft keep waiting for take off. That doesn’t become news.

Anyway, UPites are enjoying. CM is running short of time. This is where proactive decision and contingency plan will make life simple for all.

By June 30 this year the CM wants all pot holes to be filled. Herculian task but the logic is simple better roads will have less trouble in monsoon and less wear and tear of vehicles.

Anti romeo squad may have some teething problem. The real benefit is to parents and female students. When you control masses and rowdy people fear psychosis works best. The era of Yadavs in UP had YADAV BANDHU as the identity of vehicle and not the vehicle registration number. All such vehicles are not to be seen.

Shutting down illegal slaughter house is a smart move. The trouble makers are not muslims. It is the leaders like Mulayam, Akhilesh and Azam Khan who allowed them to flourish. By going hard on illegal business the message is clear that no one would be spared. Not even Hindus if they are caught.

Bio metrics in all state government offices to ensure the staff is on time is a time tested method to prevent buddy swapping. Citizens wants basic jobs to be done without chaai paani. The fear of CM to sack is high and people are looking forward to many more rewards.

His decision to take inputs from CM of Maharashtra are a sign of a good learner as well.

Human mind is capable of doing what it wants. To target Yogi Adityanath unfit for CM just because he is a Yogi is display of putting personal interest first. Same set of people have no reason to project Rahul Gandhi as future PM. He is unfit to sit and debate with my 17 year old son. Let us focus on progressive UP and forget the destructive UP under SP government.

Picture Credit: India TV


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