March 22, 2019

Teach the kids, an Israeli Lesson

By Sniper

Back in time, there was a seasonal stone pelting by kids. Now, folks in the valley – a small part of the State of Jammu & Kashmir – which comprises of 4 regions (Jammu, Kashmir & Pakistan Occupied Kashmir, Ladakh, Gilgit & Baltistan). Today, we are having more stone pelting – again, there’s a pattern. And, that pattern is, whenever there’s an encounter, you go out & pelt stones at the security forces – to distract them. This infact resulted in significant casualties for This phenomenon actually delayed the “expiry date” of a rogue element called, Burhan Wani. I am not going into details of the individual – saving it for another day. But, let’s focus on how to stop stone pelting & the genesis of it.

In a few steps, this is what typically happens.

  • Security forces gets intelligence inputs.
  • Security forces zero-in on the hideout of the terrorists.OA
  • Basis set SOPs, the targets are engaged.
  • Targets alert local religious establishments.
  • As Ex-CM Omar Abdullah himself tweeted, local religious establishment uses the loudspeakers in the premises.
  • People gather near the action spot.
  • Start pelting stones.

I would seriously recommend Government to consider that bodies of terrorists who are shot down are not given to their families. I would rather perform their last rights by cremating them & giving the ashes to their family.

Now, if you ask, can we avoid this? Of course, we can. Few thoughts on this.

Firstly, we need to stop the interference of locals when an encounter is happening. There are people who are interested in the issue – mostly, anti-India. And, there are people, who are innocent civilians. Former, constitutes a minuscule percentage of population.

Secondly, if the above point fails, the mechanism to incite passions from local religious places should be stopped. Cut power supply, maybe? And, make it illegal to procure inverter systems. This is where innocents should be roped in. A certain level of political leadership – sans vote bank should be enabled to take action.

Thirdly, why would kids in their late teens & early 20’s start pelting stones? Especially, at security forces during an ongoing operation? This could be easily handled by Israeli way of doing things. VIDEO. Just get a few undercover cops from J&K Police & get them grab a few stone pelting mob from behind & take them into custody for legal prosecution.

Fourthly, impose the entire loss of lives & property on the grabbed kids. Let’s see where they pay from. The kids need should not get bail / see anyone except their family members, until the kid pays for it. It’s very important that this fear seeps in so deep that they think umpteen number of times before they step out – leave lone stone pelting – when a curfew is imposed.

Lastly, it is very important to make sure, the mob realizes that they are not safe and that they don’t need to watch their back. On ground workers (OGWs) need to be given same treatment that they don’t have any problem in understanding it. The above mentioned Israeli solution could be cranked up to suit any scenario. Be it a riot / stone pelting crowd / any other mob violence. Typically for most urban warfare scenario.

I would leave it to experts in the security forces to implement the above points – as they deemed fit.

Post-script: I respect human rights. But, as they say, different problems need different solutions. No shooting during mob violence, could ever bring down the mob violence. Especially, shooting is not an option, if its kids who are involved. Let’s respect human rights of youth. We don’t want to waste them to rot in jails for rest of their lives. We are just teaching them to be civilized.

By – Sniper

About Author – A person interested in strategic affairs. Been on twitter since 2009, learning how the world polity moves around. Current affairs & intelligent jokes interest me. Amateur photographer & rider. Happy to explore places.

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