April 19, 2019

Teen Murti- HAIFA

The teen murti area has been renamed Haifa.

Some facts regarding the background as there is a media created outrage due to ignorance.

The Battle of Haifa was fought on 23 September 1918 during WW 1. It was fought between Britishers (including British India) and the Ottoman Empire and Germany and Austria-Hungry. The 3 battalions that fought and won were the Indian 15th (Imperial Service) Cavalry Brigade, 5th Cavalry Division and part of the Desert Mounted Corps.

They won the battle with only 3 casaulties, while inflicting heavy losses and taking high number of prisoners. This Battle led to the fall of the Ottaman Empire. Haifa is in present day Israel and the three murtis represent the 3 Indian Units . Therefore the name change should be welcomed as it gives a reference point to the three murtis and celebrates Indian Victory (though in British army) at Haifa .

Picture Credit: Wikipedia

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