May 20, 2019

#TempleofIndia 7 Gorakhnath Mutt

The Gorakhnath Nath (Gorakhnath Mutt) is a temple of the Nath monastic group in the Nath tradition. The name Gorakhnath derives from the medieval saint, Gorakhnath (c. 11th century), a famous yogi who travelled widely across India and authored a number of texts that form part of the canon of the Nath sampradaya. The Nath tradition was founded by guru Matsyendranath. This math is situated in Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh within a large premises. The temple performs various cultural and social activities and serves as the cultural hub of the city.

Today’s Gorakhnath Math, centred at Gorakhpur in eastern Uttar Pradesh (also named after the saint), is a religious institution that runs two Gorakhnath temples, one in Nepal in the district of Gorkha (another word believed to be derived from Baba Gorakhnath), and the other a little south of Gorakhpur. The temple at Gorakhpur is said to contain the samadhi shrine (tomb) and gaddi (prayer seat) of Gorakhnath. These temples constitute the centre of most of the Hindu religious activity in this region.

Thousands of devotees come to these temples on the occasion of Makar Sankranti, when they offer khichdi to Gorakhnath Baba. The King of Nepal also occasionally visits one of these temples during this festival.

The Gorakhnath Math has a significant following in eastern Uttar Pradesh and the Terai regions of Nepal, and also among wider circles across the Nath groups. The monastic order, according to the principles of saint Gorakhnath, does not follow caste conventions as other Hindu religious groups do. Thus, non-Brahmins may serve as priests.

The present Mahant or Chief Priest is Yogi Adityanath. He was appointed Mahant on 14-September-2014. He was preceded by his guru,Mahant Avaidyanath, who died on 12 September 2014, and was given samadhi beside that of his guru Digvijay Nath in the Gorakhnath Temple.

It is widely believed that those who chant Shri Gorakhnath Chalisa 12 times are blessed with a miracle jyoti (auspicious flame).

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