May 24, 2019

Terms of Right Wing

The Right Wing is the name given to a particular type of people in India by the Left Wing groups. In actual the Right and Left is based on who sat where in one alien nation and our low intellect intellectuals have fancied themselves as Left Liberals making the others as Right Bigots. Thus born, are the two wings in the pseudo semi- intellectual space. Semi intellectual because the Left are usually very low on real intellectualism. The Left usually certifies its members as intellectuals in India are in reality very low in intellectualism but high on what abouttery and mostly missing on any data, facts but almost always depend on mahaul, hava and fantasy.

The Left Wing can be easily identified by their sense of rightfulness without any facts based on research. The facts for Left Wing which be circle jerked statements issued by other Left wing intellectuals or sliced and diced statements of some Right wing leaders. The Circle jerked term is not used in some sexual way but there is no other apt word to represent the way one Left leader uses his buddies to get some proofs of whatever he may desire. May be this word is misogynistic but being an insignificant Right winger gives an individual the choice to use such words without much fear.

The labeling of non leftists as Right Winged has made the Right appear RIGHT to the common man. Every time a left intellectual in polished English certifies an individual as Right winged, the mostly so called people of BHARAT think that Right means correct. This is because even the bus conductor uses RIGHT to tell that all is well and the bus can move ahead, a cleaner uses RIGHT to tell the lorry driver that he is doing the correct job in steering the vehicle. The high mindedness of the Left has made the RIGHT the default Right and this has been a worm in the pea brained heads.

The Right Wing is too much divergent to come to a single conclusion on most issues unlike the Left wing. While the left would converge on any issue to put India in bad light and they usually work only on such issues, the right converges only to save the nation. The Right converged to save the nation from the Sonia fascism and have put BJP in power in 2014 and have now become busy in abusing / questioning / fighting one another over several issues. While some are highly positive about the government, some are not satisfied with the performance of the government in most areas. The problem is that the Leftists cannot decide when to attack the government/Modi and sometimes they might receive high praise from the several Right groups from the right groups for the attacks, but most of the time they will be at the receiving end.

The biggest problem is for the fence sitters who claim to be the wing hoppers to the Right who claim to be the saviors of the Right. Few have been hopping and some have claimed themselves to be neutral even though it is not possible to be one. The hoppers to the Right or those who appear to be supporting the Right in some issues think that the Right groups donot have the authority to criticize their work as hoppers feel that the Right donot know how important their work is. This sense of self importance is laughable at best and the usual Right doesnot spare even the Prime Minister and at times even the Gods of Hindutva. But the Left worships its leaders and a few hate filled gods. Thus there are no privileges in being Right or in supporting Right.

The Terms of Right Wing is very simple, if the Right likes your reasoning, there would be cheers, claps, whistles and may be some praises about the intellectualism of the person. If the Right does not like there would be trolling, e-slaps, whistles and some abuses about the poor intellectualism of the person. The variety in the Right makes it impossible to get same kind of response all the time and this will be highly exhausting for the hoppers because of the kind of privileges they might have enjoyed while being Leftists. Even the BJP leadership at times get tired of the Right and trolls the Right by appointing some people to crucial positions just for the sake of getting back at their supporters. This is the crazy Right wing and its leaders who work on their own terms with no bind on anyone except for the nation.

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