May 24, 2019

Terrorism & the Oil Economy..

The silence in Kashmir is attributed to DeMonetisation. It’s claimed that with the money flow to the separatists curtailed by the ban on high value denomination, the separatist movement lost steam giving credence to the fact that money plays a critical part in Kashmiri unrest. Any unrest for that matter.

Something similar , something on an even greater scale has been in the works for quite some time in the ‘Islamic World’ .

Oil economy that drives the Islamic Middle-East is today in the throes of turmoil. With crude oil prices plummeting their revenues from crude have constricted drastically, throwing their finances into disarray.

To attribute this solely to the vagaries of Global markets and/or the economic slowdown across the World would be wrong . There could be an altogether different angle to the issue of unstoppable downward spiral of crude prices.

Crude power-play..

OPEC a powerful group of oil producing countries which accounts for 42 percent of Global oil production has controlled the Global oil markets, some Think-tanks equate them to a ‘Cartel’ that has the capacity to create convulsions in the economies of countries that are dependent on crude oil imports . Two thirds of the OPEC oil is produced by the Middle Eastern countries that abut the Persian gulf, they are all Islamic nation’s.

The funding trail to terror organisations, predominantly to the Islamic terrorists and Jihadists, from the oil rich Islamic countries is an established fact.

Al Qaida was funded by Saudi Arabia with the tacit support of the Americans to counter the Russian occupation of Afghanistan.

The Tehrik-e-Taliban, the Al-Shabaab , the Hezbollah , Boko Haram etc.. to name a few, are Islamic terror organisations that derive their support from these Islamic countries, both moral and financial, ostensibly to protect Islam from the onslaught of Western influence, or to annihilate Israel or (nearer home) to snatch Kashmir from India surreptitiously.

The dreaded ISIS is what it is because it suits some countries to have such disruptive forces do what they do best – Terrorise.

Some of these countries funded and armed ISIS to do their bidding, but ISIS grew phenomenally to become a formidable fighting force controlling vast tracts of land in Iraq. It augmented it’s revenues by controlling the oil fields that it occupied in Iraq. The dream of an Islamic Caliphate became a catalyst for Islamists to flock to ISIS in droves, but the underlining factor obviously was MONEY.

Crude Squeeze-play.

Late 2013 saw the downturn in crude prices , the bearish hug hasn’t shown any signs of letting up casting a gloom on the oil producers. The Islamic countries that were flush with money from oil trade suddenly found themselves in a financial quandary.

“Is the dip natural or is there a  conspiracy theory behind it ?”

World Economic slowdown did start the slide but the unprecedented collapse was engineered by America and NATO.

The strategic thought clearly echoes the following adage :
“To silence the boom of the gun, you have to bankrupt those who fund the gun “.

America jacked up it oil production in 2012 thereby cutting imports from the Gulf. This well conceived move came at a time when the world was in the grip of a recession & China was slowing down . The triple whammy literally wrung the oil producers dry financially. As a cascading effect, the flow of funds to terror organisations took a drastic hit.

Terrorism is a capital intensive business, it requires money to buy weapons, it requires money to recruit, train and feed & care for its brainwashed fighting force. Without money it cannot keep its folk together, desertions in it’s ranks clearly indicate  that ” Heart is where the money is”. There are still a few that believe “Heart is where the Faith is”, but their numbers are dwindling.

Infighting has grown, sectarian & ethnic unrest has taken a heavy toll in countries like Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Nigeria, Somalia etc, implosion in these countries is there for everyone to see.

Similar implosions are waiting to happen in many other countries like Turkey, Egypt and PAKISTAN.

Islam is the biggest casualty of this mindless bloodletting. Muslims are killing Muslims, millions of Muslims are homeless, jobless and food-less, all this in the name of Jihad .

“True ‘Islam’ that was once the torchbearer of Human values has to emerge from the abyss that the Jihadists have pushed it into “.


My next article which is a continuation of the one above,  will discuss about a Dirty Bomb falling in wrong hands.

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