May 24, 2019

Test for Outrage Manufacturers

Before any product is shipped out of any organization, it is checked for quality. Apart from this there are several checks while the product is taking shape and the final product that is sold to the customer should have passed all these checks. If this quality checking is not done properly the product that is received by the customer who pays for the product would be dissatisfied and he might shift to different source unless there is only one source. The single source for a product is called monopoly and it should exist in only a few cases when it relates to nation and the monopoly should be in – defense, constitutional laws, law and order implementation. The monopoly should exist with the government which presides over the people deriving from the people in a democracy.

The government establishes a body (Competition Commission of India) to ensure that there is no monopoly and also no cartelization takes places so that the customer gets the best for his money. But a few products are not undergoing the necessary quality checks and the most important among them are the media, activists/intellectuals and the NGO. While there are a few genuine products that are true to their specifications, most are not even maintaining the necessary standards and their product is way off the specifications.  But these organizations inspite of producing goods that donot meet their own specifications, continue to run their shops in the highly competitive business environment, indicates that the sources of their money doesnot reside with the customer that we presume but the source lies elsewhere.

The customer to the trio of media, activists/intellectuals and the NGO, is the biggest secret as it has been several times by several people but still there is no change in their working style. The trio doesnot seem to be having any CAPA (Corrective Action and Preventive Action) which is a norm in any industry that produces something of value. Since the trio doesnot seem to implement CAPA it definitely indicates that they produce nothing of value to the people who consume. In this case, we have to see from the reverse direction. What these trio are manufacturing and who is getting benefitted. A reverse gaze (term made popular by Rajiv Malhotra) definitely indicates that the product that comes out is creating more disharmony, leaking sensitive information, creating confusion, spreading lies etc. All of these have one thing in common, Anti-Indian-Sentiment.

The government that is supposed to ensure that the quality of products are the best has established a body for this purpose, but it forgets to check if the organization is functioning as per the mandate. The government body should check whether the product (usually outrage) is similar for the similar inputs at all times or there is a change in quality depending on the source of inputs. If there is change in quality of input then the product quality could go wrong but just because a source is changed the quality should not change if the quality standards of the input are maintained. Example a rape of a woman belonging to any community should get the same outrage. If this basic quality cannot be ensured, then the manufacturing company be it outrage manufacturer, PIL manufacturer, etc should be closed without any delay.

Hope the government wakes up and Starts to Test.

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