April 19, 2019

The Accidental Leader

Script writers at Dynasty Dramatics are a distressed lot. Numerous attempts at giving the perfect launch to The Accidental Leader have failed miserably. Scriptwriters! You guys need to re-skill under “Skill India Mission”. The Accidental Journalist “Rajdeep Sardesai” who is known for his spin worthy talent than journalism can re-skill the harried lot of pen soldiers of grand old party.

Dimwit of the dynasty, in an attempt to be fast and furious ended up being frivolous, got on a bike to go to Mandsaur when prohibitory orders were declared well in advance. He was stopped from feeding off caste based riots in Saharanpur too. Of late, vulture tourism did not work for the party so the dirty tricks departmentIMG-20170608-WA0053 (1) unleashed Gangs of Mandsaur to wreak havoc. Vandalism and destruction of property followed. Protests in Mandsaur have taken an ugly turn thanks to rogue elements who have been patronized by none other than minions of youth congress in the state. Some congress leaders who were instrumental in creating unrest are on the run. The cat and mouse chase is always short lived. Chandrashekhar associated with BHIM army was arrested today in Himachal. It goes without saying whose patronage he was enjoying all these days.

In Mumbai, some congress activists tried “Rail Roko” movement but it failed to kick off. It appears to me that there is definitely a “Governing Council of Idiots” on the advisory panel of Rahul Gandhi. Protests are being orchestrated in different states. In UP, a farmer leader has warned of Mandsaur like protests. A report in The Tribune has stated that farmers have stopped supply of vegetables and milk in Pratapgarh, Rajasthan. It’s quite obvious that these events are going according to the plan. Even a fool could make out who is pulling the strings.

The team, if any, who handles strategy for Rahul Gandhi has done him a great disservice. He has been reduced to a mere caricature. Ill-advised moves have made him despicable. The oft repeated drama of champion of farmer rights is long dead. A MP who could not help Kalawati in Maharashtra is wanting to become Messaih of farmers (how many genuine, state government will ascertain). If drama continues unabated, the figures in 2019 will be close to 19 from the current tally of 44.

Picture Credit:  Twitter screen shots, India Today


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