May 23, 2019

The Azadi Antidote


To the chants of Azadi, ABVP indulged in Non Violent Movement (Yasin Malik’s version) and it was the most appropriate treatment for those who claim “Your Nationalism Cannot Overpower My Democracy”. Democracy does not give anyone sweeping powers to fiddle with secessionism. No freedom is absolute. If there is anything “Absolute”, that’s “Absolut Vodka”.(No need to find any Putin connection here)!

The rants of “Kashmir Maange Azadi” surfaced again, this time in Ramjas College. If seekers of “Azaadi” are so high on liberation, the army should post them on Line of Control. Their bravado would end up in flatulence. The country’s taxpayers need azaadi from the leeches of JNU and AMU who survive at the cost of taxpayers’ money and destabilize peace and harmony. It’s high time these institutions should be stripped off the subsidies. These students should pay their admission fees and hostel fees on their own. Taxpayers’ money needs proper utilization. We cannot waste our resources on secessionists surviving in name of liberalism and tolerance.

There is an antidote to these Azaadi hooligans. Make them compulsorily serve in the army. Let them go through rigor, rumble and tumble of the army and post them in Kashmir where they would get real taste of Non Violent Movement practiced by young Kashmiris. They would never ever disrespect the flag or the army in their lives. They would raise slogans for Azaadi for Balochistan, Tibet and Taiwan then.

Picture Credit: Screen Shot from Twitter



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