May 27, 2019

The Bhagat Car Project- Three Mistakes of His Life?

The Mechanical engineer turned Novelist has changed gears to do a “Ghar Wapasi” for an electric car project. He has come back to his engineering roots! Is he attempting Elon Musk on us? Or is it a halfhearted attempt? Mechanical engineering seems like his “Half Girlfriend”. His changing loyalties do not inspire confidence. Who knows he gets going on an electric car project and drops the idea mid-way for a sloppy writing and the entire fiasco gets translated onto celluloid by some Sajid Nadiadwala or Karan Johar’s Dharma Productions.

I am no fan of his writing. He has written so called bestsellers and four movies have been made based on his books. If books like Barkha Dutt’s “The Unquiet Land” and Rana Ayyub’s “Gujarat Files” can become bestsellers, Chetan Bhagat’s books deserve Nobel Prize in Literature!!. Recycling Bhagat’s books for toilet paper can save a lot of water. I hope he does not write more books. Spare us the horror please!.

Now coming to his new found love for electric car project. He is no Elon Musk. He, at best, can collaborate with the likes of Mahindra and get some jazz added to his resume. Mahindra Rise might help him rise from the glut he has gotten himself into. His announcement on Twitter about the electric car project was aimed to spark interest. Chetan Bhagat’s changing gears can generate curiosity only for readers “One Night at a Call Centre” and “Half Girlfriend”. These readers are too smart to understand the niceties of electric car project. In fact, they would have been shocked by Bhagat’s announcement. Who would peddle trash in the name of literature? Rana Ayyub can become their savior!!

On any given day, Tesla Motors will have more credibility than “Bhagat Motors”!!


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