May 24, 2019

The Black Coats Revenge

The most unexpected statement post the Sabarimala judgement came from Dr. Swamy. He mentioned in one of his tweets that the state should use force to implement the judgment because law is supreme. Dr. Swamy may be right in this case also; if not for the sentiments of the devotees and the misunderstanding of his stances in recent times. The law has to be implemented come what may or else the violence potential will decide on the implementation of the laws. Even though this reality is known to all but is usually swept under the secular carpet in a lot of cases by most people. The law is an ass and the Black Coats are something else. This difference is slowly disappearing in the recent times.

Having given a social justice warrior-ish judgment in the Sabarimala case, the people reacted on expected lines and showed their true nature. The Bhakthi towards their son who wants to maintain his vratha is the only nature of the devotees. The courts have neither protected the rights of the diety nor have they protected the rich heritage of the temple. The Black Coats have a problem in seeing grey because of the binary lenses they have been using for a quite a lot of time. They either see black or white in matters related to certain sections of society who are not “Samuday Vishesh” but see full HD colors in matters of specially privileged people.

The arrogant Black Coats will not take things lying down. The Black Coats might have already planned their revenge and it will be served to devotees in some other place. The Black Coats have many pliant accomplices in their games against a particular community whom they want to reform beyond recognition in the hope of some titles, awards or some junkets from foreign lands. There are neither proof for any of these expressions but who cares for evidences. Even the courts donot care for evidences and has more belief in the whims and fancies of a few special individuals and the forever friend of court called Raju.

The few ways in which the courts could strike back against the pagan citizens is by creating confusion over the diwali crackers and destroying the fire cracker industry. The Black Coats have a penchant for banning things that are considered dangerous only by particular sections of the society. A statement that is recurring in my mind in the recent days “Secularism is the bastard of Indian Constitution”. But upon closer observation and the ways in which this bastard is used to destroy the majority culture and heritage makes me believe that the Black Coats have fathered this bastard.

The Black Coats have almost wiped out the crackers from the Diwali celebrations aided by the environmental terrorists. The Black Coats might even take a petition about the lighting of lamps in numerous temples and issue a guideline about the need to reduce pollution caused by the oil lamps. The Black Coats might also consider extending the time limits for the festivities and drunk parties of the last day of the Christian calendar to make the sections happy and put salt in the wounds of certain sections. The Black Coats might turn their attention on the Jallikattu and create more confusion because they have their own agenda to run from their dark chambers.

The reason for calling their minds as dark chambers is because their minds are filled with dark energy. The dark energy is thought to be present but is still undetectable in the ways we would have loved. Similarly the black coat minds are filled with something which is still not detectable and decoded for the greater good of the nation. If the black coats want to hurry the things then they have the issue of the fighter jet PIL at their disposal to blacken the face of the frightened government operating within the limits set by the Black Coats. The Ayodhya verdict….. the less said the better because the violence potential of the judgment scares all the parties involved.

The silence of Black Coats and their elaborate SJW-ish judgments in crucial matters is an indication that something big is being planned. The last minute judgments would wreak havoc in the lives of the peaceful citizens. The peaceful here means the real peaceful and not the people of so called peace. Just waiting for the strike back from the Black Coats and wondering which area are they going attack now.

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