April 20, 2019

The Bunty and Bubbly Business Model: Pati, Patni and Finances

IMG_20170428_174211-300x169_PriyankaFor decades, Mr and Mrs Vadra “Bunty and Bubbly” of Indian politics have flourished on shady land deals. Their business model is frugal, discreet and thrives on the ecosystem developed by the die-nasty (read dynasty). Guys at Havard, Stanford and Oxford ! you have a brilliant case study here. While other entrepreneurs have to run after venture capitalists and angel investors to pump money in their enterprise, beefy Vadra has it all easy. He pumped up some iron in the gym and did some guest appearances with Mrs Vadra and sweet deals were made without batting an eyelid. He was the biggest benefactor of “Banana Republic” under United Not – So Progressive Alliance. His cameo roadshows, once in blue moon, become occasions to flaunt his physique and test political waters. Deals made in Haryana reek of blatant corruption. Hooda is under scanner for flouting norms. Dhingra Commission report is a vindication of the loot which happened in UPA-I & II regime. Enough water has flown down the drain. Seriousness is required on part of government to expedite prosecution. Swachh Bharat mission is badly needed for deals done by dynasty beneficiaries.
Mrs Vadra has disassociated herself from Mr Vadra’s finances. Her declaration of financial independence is an eyewash to gloss over murky deals. Lutyen’s media would not waste even a nano second to project her as rising star of feminism. Financial irregularities done by Mr and Mrs Vadra needs a threadbare discussion in public domain. Can we see gusto by likes of Prashant Bhushan who went crazy over Sahara Birla files? Lawyers like Bhushan are nothing less than disgrace to their profession because they have corrupted ethics of legality with partisan political ambitions.

It’s quite unfortunate that despite credible and legally admissible evidences furnished by Subramanian Swamy in cases like National Herald, justice is still not done. Chidambaram and son are defiant to Enforcement Directorate summons. Moles in Ministry of Finance need to be purged else Chidambaram and Karti would emulate Mallya and fly away.

Picture Credit: Screen shots from Twitter First Post Times Now


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