March 21, 2019

The Charade of Kashmiriyat

Kashmiriyat, a euphemism for secessionism and sub nationalistic word, was coined by Sheikh Abdullah. Now when National Conference members along with Congress shout “Down with Democracy”, it hardly comes as a surprise.


Kashmiriyat is as farcical as Lalu Prasad’s care for animal welfare. There is a need to acknowledge and debate publicly the futility of Kashmiriyat. We need to expunge this word from lexicon of J&K political discourse. It’s xenophobic and alienates assimilation of Jammu,Ladakh and rest of the country. There is nothing humane about denouncing democracy(Jamooriyat).What kind of Insaaniyat allows demeaning and pelting stones at the army which saves Kashmiris from nature’s fury? It’s time to put an end to this façade by empowering the army to quell dissent of secessionism. It’s time to disregard the noise created by likes of Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch. Terrorists and their sympathizers (over ground workers) do not deserve humane treatment. Why no one talks about human rights when an army guy gets kicked around by a group of hooligans in the valley? These hoodlums need to be taught a lesson. Anyone who transgresses law should be shown his place. If situation demands bullets, so be it. Unless and until these disturbing elements are crushed, normalcy would not return to the valley.


Equal treatment still eludes Jammu and Ladakh. Kashmir still gets a lion’s share of government postings and government allowances. The discontent is brewing and should be addressed. Kashmiriyat needs to be junked for inclusiveness and prosperity of the state.

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