April 19, 2019

The Credibility Gap Funding

The slugfest for Tamil throne has thrown more questions than answers. Fence sitters are relishing the political spectacle. The general public is seething with anger and disappointment. The state has become fiefdom of two political parties in the absence of a third reckoning force. The political cauldron in the state is heating up with each passing day. Tamil Nadu turmoil is a lesson for political parties to establish a succession plan. DMK and AIADMK did not have any succession plan for almost three decades. DMK did project Stalin after much bickering. Indian National Congress has “Dynasty Succession Plan”. Queen Bee is unwilling to let go and Clown Prince refuses to grow up. The party, as a result, is plummeting to new lows. The Grand Old Party has to hang on to coat tails of regional parties (Samajwadi Pary) to stay relevant. The lack of internal democracy within the party is the sole reason for the downfall. Regional leaders are not groomed. No leader in Congress can outgrow the Duds of Dynasty.

Lack of strong regional leaders in states like Uttar Pradesh is haunting BJP too. Goa is another example where there is no credible replacement for Manohar Parrikar. Leaders cannot be air dropped into states. Organizational democracy is still robust in BJP. What’s needed is tapping of political talent pool and nurturing them for the next level. It’s important to get rid of dead wood like Varun Gandhi. He is more of a political baggage than an asset. No more intake of trash from other parties. Why take the junk when you can raise your own punks? BJP Uttarakhand has more ex-Congressmen in BJP. Doling out tickets to turncoats should be done away with. I do not have the political acumen to comment on the win quotient of turncoats but it puts the credibility of the party under scanner. It hammers down the morale of party cadre too.

The credibility chasm is staring at AIADMK. Party legislators have been held hostage in Golden Bay Resorts. A reminiscent of “Resort Politics” started by Janaki to ward off Jayalalitha from getting support after MGR’s death. OPS, as of now, has support of 11 Parliament Members and some 10 state legislators. The Supreme Court ruling in disproportionate asset case is expected to be out on 14th February. Will it be all rosy for Sasikala? This valentine the court verdict might mar the rosy spectacle for Sasikala. OPS is the thorn among roses.

Dr Swamy has alleged that though there is no Centre role in current constitutional breakdown, there are some union ministers who are taking undue interest in state’s affairs. His refusal to take names raises more doubts. Who is pulling the strings? The Union Government can ill afford a credibility crisis at this point in time.

Picture Credit: DNA India


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