April 26, 2019

The Deaf Government

In every battle, warriors fight at different levels and there has to be communication from different levels. Every bit of information has to reach the King so that strategies are revised based on the situation. The information has to move in both directions and only then the entire force will fight with single minded agenda. If the information flow is broken, then the local ministers will take decisions based on the local factors and all the local factors might not be in sync and there is a chance of losing a war. The King alone has the most information and has the view from the top and thus can give the right instructions.

What happens in a war when the King become arrogant or becomes deaf to the information reaching him from certain quarters? Our Puranas are full of evidences where small bits of information are neglected which resulted in losses to Kings. Even in the modern times we have seen Leaders of political parties being deaf and neglecting the voices from below resulting in routing of the party in the various elections. Any party that has its eyes and ears open and has the ability to take necessary action based on the ground information alone will continue to win elections time after time. If ever there is a disconnect then failure is the only result and latest Indian political history of more than 70 years has ample evidence of it.

The UPA did not ever hear the voices of millions of people regarding corruption, appeasement, national security, etc and we have the result right in-front of us. Modi has taken the job of Leader of BJP politics aided by able people like Amit Shah, Gadhkari, Doval, Rajnath Siingh, etc and with his own army of informants to know the public pulse. Before taking the mantle of BJP, Modi was the Leader in his home state and had done a great job and the news of his good jobs has travelled distances mostly by word of mouth. The 2014 election result is the result of right messaging that removed the fears of thousands of people with right information reaching the right places at the right time. Most people could connect with the BJP which talked about issues that mattered to the people most of the times.

Post 2014 the Modi has been doing a lot of good works and has been successful in various aspects of governance. The government has had its ears on the ground and was taking the necessary feedback and has been doing necessary changes to improve the life of ordinary citizens. It was evident in the case of IT returns filing, Demonetization, GST filing, AADHAR implementation, and a lot of other issues. The feedback that was received from various areas, methods, etc seem to have been put to good use and all the actions were rightly appreciated by the common folk who inspite of facing hardships supported the government. This support continues as long as the people believe that their problems are reaching the Leader and there is hope that timely actions would be taken to make their lives simpler.

But one thing many people are not able to understand is failure of BJP in realizing the problems that might be created due to their actions and proactively take necessary actions. The actions are being taken every time after the people shout with irritation and make a lot of drama to make their noises heard by the Leader and his other commanders? It seems there are a few gate keepers who are blocking the noises reaching the Leader and that the gate keepers are only transferring noises that they think the Leader wants to hear. This biased filtering of noises does not bode well for any organization of any kind. The unfiltered views have to reach to the Leader because nobody can say which of the views are important and which are useless. The Leader is duty bound to know every voice but this does not seem to be happening.

The Leader of BJP takes some decisions and completely different actions are being implemented and thrusted on the people of this country. The people are now getting confused if the departments of the political organization and government are working together or some departments have become private assets of some leaders. The finance department seems to be acting with its own agenda and seem to be not caring for the noises from the people. The entire department seem to be unconcerned for the feedback from the people be it regarding the minimum balances in banks,  digital transaction fees, banking transaction fees, GST compliances, action on the corrupt politicians, etc.

If one thought that the finance department is out of control, we have some departments who seem to be more than happy to help people on an adhoc basis. We have ministers who are helping people from alien lands where destruction of India is the governmental ideology. We have ministers who are happy to send milk, tablets to people on trains. We have ministers who go out to cut ribbons of various institutes while forgetting the destruction of various institutes by people a particular ideology. We have ministers who look helpless and make tall speeches instead of creating the necessary laws to protect the Indian way of life. We then have ministers who appear to be unconcerned about the quality of the various services being provided and no action is being taken even when there are huge violations.

The people in 2014 have voted for Modi, Leader of the BJP and have trusted him and yet his ministers does not take their jobs seriously for the sake of Indians. Most of their focus seems to be appeasement of people of a particular mindset. The highly interactive ministers are not available equally to all the people and many are beginning to wonder if the ministers or the government is sincere in helping the people in distress. The BJP has 10crore party members and the Leader of BJP has asked the Indians what they have done for the betterment of the nation. Let me tell the leader of BJP that we have been paying our taxes and contribute in ways that was possible for us to contribute.

Dear Modi, if we were all as equally capable, then everyone of us would become the PM of this nation. Since this is not possible, we have supported the best possible candidate without many expectations. Being ordinary humans our problems become diverse which are most of the times solved in spite of the presence of trouble government structure. The problem of the common citizens is due to the problems created by the government and there is no redressal of these problems. The citizens do not know whom to approach to solve their governmental problems which are not due to non compliance of rules. The problems are due to biased compliance requirements by the government.

The PM should tell us where we have to go to solve the issues relating to the government. Some political leaders do meetings with ordinary public to solve their issues but most of the times the issues cannot be discussed in public meetings. Why is not possible for ordinary citizens to get a meeting with powerful leaders within the BJP? The common people begin to wonder why is it there is a categorization of meeting requests and it hurts people when abusers get preference in meeting powerful political leaders. The ordinary people are left waiting for ever with their problems. The BJP being a party with difference has to make amends to let every citizen get an opportunity meet their leader of choice based on a proper ticketing system and not behave like the SC which is acting mostly on an adhoc basis.

The revolt against the SC which has lost its connect and has become deaf to the noises of the public was apparent during the recent Deepavali celebrations. The BJP too should not face the same kind of situation. The BJP might be winning election after another only because of Modi’s credibility in some areas and due to the work of local leaders in other areas. Once the Modi’s face is out of the political scene, whether the people’s connect with BJP be the same? The answer to this question become very difficult to answer and hence the BJP should develop a real connect with the people by treating them equally. The first step in this process is to create a proper ticketing system for meeting with leaders of any stature without any basis and give a proper hearing to the problems of the citizens.

When the government itself is the problem, only the Political leaders can help the citizens in solving the issue at hand. Hope the Modi’s BJP will hear these noises and not become like the LKA’s BJP in governance issues.

Authored by @SPHEREHEADSAYS    and @ZeroAppeasement 

Picture Credit: Screenshots from Twitter Thanks to all tweeples and ANI


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