April 20, 2019

The ‘Distorted Realty’ of Tomorrow

Insights from the autobiography of Steve Jobs, especially for the youth.

Most of achievers are basically and essentially dreamers, dreamers who dare to envision, remain at the fusion of humanities and technology.

How does one get to this?

To imbibe and remain at the fusion of humanities and technology, one needs a deep understanding of human-behavioral patterns and pick up best practices which have pan-global applicability, this is only possible thru the constant, if not incessant, study of layers of human existence and sources of energy.

Once a deep understanding is achieved especially of human mind, it makes one shift orbits on regular basis.

Steve Jobs was in good touch with human behavior and mind thru Ram Dass, of the Love,Serve and Remember Foundation of the Love, Serve and Remember Foundation which was a competent and classical Indian lineage of Maharaj Jee, The Neem Karoli Baba.

It was while practicing these techniques that Steve Jobs developed the knack of ‘distorting reality’, an ability to peek into the future and weave the future itself.

Even the latest kid on the block, Malcolm Gladwell has been postulating that top colleges may not be the best way forward for everyone and it needs greater finesse to understand what exactly one requires to undergo in order to shift orbits, Steve Jobs remained away from Stanford to move into another college which allowed disruptive thinking and culture.

Even there, he did not take all the courses and lessons that was part of curriculum. Instead, he enrolled into calligraphy, thus gaining the quality perceptions into letters-shapes.

This knowledge helped him know Serif-San Serif and other fonts intimately and use them while Developing apple devices.

The idea is to learn more of soft skills alongside regular skills and ensure one remains ahead of the pack by deeply enumerating the qualitative aspects at the conceptual stage.

Once deep aspects of human behavior allow this drafting, it is then required to maintain high energy levels and make it possible to see through the original plan into a plan and product which matches the ‘Distorted Reality’ delivered by the achievers, and conceptualized by the visionaries thus turning everyone into believers…..that Steve Jobs for us……

Indian Spirituality and Western Application is the ‘Distorted Realty’ of tomorrow…go get it !!!!!!!

Pic Credit: commons.wikimedia.org

Article by: Dr.Shobha Shrivastava  &  K.S Suresh

Twitter: @DrShobha

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