April 24, 2019

The Extremism and Polarization Under Garb of Freedom of Expression

We are living in extremely polarized times so much so that “Free Speech” is shackled and set free depending upon your leanings : Right or Left Wing. A right winger has no right to be factually “Right”. Left wingers have got all the flights of freedom. A class X student Souvik Sircar is incarcerated for a Facebook post while SFI activists in Kerala are roaming freely after denigrating Goddess Saraswati. The champions of juvenile rights are not bothered since Sircar happens to be in Didi’s “Waste Bengal”. Afroz, the juvenile, who raped Nirbhaya was allowed to get away and bone marrow density test was conveniently avoided. Where are the likes of Nina Nayak, AAP activist from Karnataka, who went hammer and tongs about juvenile rights in favor of Afroz? Why no sane voice has demanded freedom of teenage Sircar? FIR against AIB for creating meme on Modi creates turbulence and Messiahs of FoE go helter skelter but a Kamlesh Tiwari rots in jail for exercising FoE. Freedom of Expression has been polarized and this is alarming.

State Human Rights Commission of Jammu and Kashmir has demanded ten lakh rupees as for Farooq Dar who was tied to Jeep by Major Gogoi. Where are state human rights commission members of Waste Bengal? Why no hue and cry about human rights of teenage boy? This is because Sircar happens to be a Hindu. Human rights cannot be selectively applied to certain religions. It has to be universal.

Didi is perturbed about censoring of words in Suman Ghosh’s documentary “The Argumentative Indian” because it involves AmartyaIMG-20170714-WA0031 Sen. She has shown no sense and sensibility regarding Souvik Sircar’s incarceration. She showed indifference when Islamic fundamentalists attacked Taslima Nasreen. Taslima had to run for life and Didi played into the hands of fundamentalists for votes. She jailed Jadavpur University Professor Ambikesh Mahapatra in 2012 for drawing her cartoons. No one cried “intolerance” then. “Intolerance” was coined for post 2014 narrative and has been only reserved for BJP-NDA ruled states so that ecosystem for liberals and leftists can stay afloat.

Recently Mahagun Moderne Society residents in Noida had a brush with reality and dangers of shameless appeasement of minorities and influx of Bangladeshi migrants stared them in the face. Those living in upscale and gated communities and waxing eloquent on “Idea of India” and freedom of speech of Kanhaiyya and Umar Khalid need to wake up to realism. Mahagun Moderne Society incident is a reminder to all those who turn a blind eye to changing demographics and political upheavals. They learn the hard way when troubles start brewing in their surroundings.

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