May 24, 2019

The Falsehood Factory: The Making of False Narratives

Kerala High Court has ruled that Central Government’s notification does not amount to beef ban. This view is contrary to what Madras High Court’s ruling which put a stay on center’s notification. Madras High Court’s stay was good enough to stimulate beef fest enthusiasts who did not waste time to organize beef fests in Kerala and Tamil Nadu. A fake narrative was created that Central government is infringing upon rights of states and federal structure of Indian Union is in peril. It’s rather surprising that “exasperating farrago” scholars of Goon’s Own Country have not enlightened themselves with High Court ruling and CM Pinarayi, oblivious of facts, has called an all CMs meet over the issue.

A fragmented opposition is desperately looking for issues to cobble up support from parties across the country. The inherent inconsistencies in their ideology has been a roadblock. This is the reason why non issues are hyped up so that political capital can be harnessed from it. The Falsehood Factory of the Opposition parties is working overtime to churn out products like “beef ban” but unfortunately fake products have a shorter life cycle. The factory would run till 2019 and its shut down is imminent. Opposition has taken “Make In India” way too seriously and we have unabated peddling of fake agenda by them.

There is a conscious effort to destabilize law and order in BJP ruled states. Saharanpur incident is one burning example. Bhim Army and its links with Anand Kumar of BSP have been out in the open. Insecure political parties on the verge of extinction are resorting to falsehood as a last ditch effort to remain relevant. The Congressization of main stream media makes it easier for opposition to peddle half-truths. Thankfully, social media has been the balancing force and has played its part well to bring out truth.

The Gods of False Things and their legion need to realize that alternative facts will be busted.

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