February 18, 2019

The First Savior of 21st Century

In the 21st century that we have lived thus, there were many a great personalities who have exerted great influence on lakhs of ordinary citizens with their simple acts. Most of these are a result of intense passion for their fellow citizens. The list is too long and compiling would be near impossible but it is always necessary to keep reminding ourselves the people who are an inspiration for generations together.

For a very long times, Bharat which was an economic power house of the world has been under attack. The natives of this country who are generally called Hindus and the word Hindu is synonymous with being Indian. During the entire period of existence of Bharat, there has been never a period where a fight for dharma has not taken place. One great leader has taken the place of another from ancient time’s right up to the current day. Some leaders are too great and some are ordinary who kept the troops together and bid their time to launch the counter attack on invaders. The history of Bharat that is in circulation and which taught to children in schools is written by communists and mentally colonized people. It is for this reason we hear the history only in terms of the defeat of the Indian kings in the hands of the invaders and but not the details of the bloody noses that were given back by the brave Indian kings and the efforts of fightback.

Bharat had a great leadership at the start of the 21st Century and on this date again we are having an even better leadership. The “better” is subjective and those who feel the current leadership is fascism can rot in their secular lands of their fertile imagination. The India does not belong to them as these are the people who have supported the groups that have destroyed the core of the nation. These anti-India groups have no problem with breaking India forces, playing caste politics, appeasing minority at the cost of general citizens, creating fissures in the society using every kind of imaginary and real faults, bad mouthing India in foreign lands for the sake of awards and rewards, etc. These same people have no problems with the likes of Yasin Malik, Afzal Guru, Sonia, Rahul, Digvijay, Omar, Zakir Naik, Pope etc who have inspired more villains than imaginable. Calling the worst kinds of people as bigots or anti-Indians should become the norm and there should be no hesitation about it.

The biggest failure of the anti-Hindu forces is the establishing the existence of Saffron Terrorism, the greatestTukaram_Omble_300 creation of the Italian Lady and her minions. The bluff of Saffron Terrorism will get called out very soon and the shameless anti-nationals would latch onto some other issue to equate real Islamic, real Christian, real communist terrorism with fake Saffron terrorism, because the fight between Dharma and Adharma will be going on forever. The anti-India forces have come very close to proving the Saffron Terrorism and one man stood in the path and gave away his life in the cause of Dharma. The person is Tukaram Omble and if not for his sacrifice, the Saffron Terrorism would have been an established fact just like the many facts that have been established by the anti-nationals. The facts such as naxalites are Gandhians with guns, the stone pelting Islamic youth of Kashmir are misguided youth, etc are established by the liberals and anti-Indians.

mumbai_148010940578_647x404_112616030540The gruesome 26/11 Islamic terrorist attack on India should never be forgotten because of the amount of energy, time, resources and lives that are spent by the anti-Indian forces to prove the fact that Saffron Terrorism is equal to the terrorism that have no religious backing. One has to imagine the situation and study what-if analysis of the event in case Kasab was not caught alive. Tukaram’s sacrifice is the turning point and has given a fresh breath of life to the dying pride of Hinduism. If not for him, we all would have been labeled not as intolerant people but as Saffron terrorists. In a world where every leader is hell bent of separating religion and terror, anti-Indians would have been happier to call the minor attacks in India as Saffron Terrorism or Hindu Terrorism.

Many people have sacrificed their lives for the protection of this country while performing their duty. It is not a case of one life is greater than the other. It is also not a case that Tukaram Omble has sacrificed his life knowing that it would lead to the vanquishing the effort of anti-Indians in proving the existence of Saffron Terrorism. By analyzing the way in which the case has progressed, the number of people wrongly indicted and the way of journalistic reporting to aid the terrorists all point to the single fact that 26/11 was a massive exercise well coordinated by the anti-nationals to prove one point. It is for this singular reason that Tukaram Omble is THE First Savior of 21ST CENTURY and his story should be told again and again.

Picture Credit: Screen shot from Twitter ABP News , India Today अपनी बाते


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