May 23, 2019

The Futility of Insider/Outsider Debate

“Sometimes it takes an outsider, someone with fresh eyes to see the truth” – Ally Carter. An “adopted” son is labelled as an outsider while two “inept” (insider) sons go on a song describing their bromance. They joined hands to sail through choppy waters riding a sinking ship and living on a borrowed time, collaboration is the best which they could have done. There is a manufactured euphoria over coming together of forty plus young leaders to whitewash shabby stains of law and order breakdown, crumbling infrastructure and plight of people. Smokescreens do not last long. People cannot be deluded sine die. This too shall pass.

One son had a penchant for shaking off the shackles of “Socialist”(Samajwadi) Family Tree. Father was torn between his brother and unruly son. A scheming wife and daughter in law threw enough tantrums to turn attention from failures of governance to family soap opera. The son staged a coup and walked away with laurels. Happy Ending? Well, Drama was enacted as per “The Script”. Full marks for drama and thrills. Then came the “Entertainer”. A part time politician, full time comedian. The Abject “Son of Amethi” saw sense in doing “Brother-in-Arms” cameo. They are “Partners-in-Crime”. Their chemistry is fleeting. They have come together to fool electorates and grab power. Once their motive is served, people will be left in lurch.

While all this bonhomie was played out, the state suffered. Lawmakers continued to break laws. The insiders have done shoddy jobs. They have replaced unpleasant truth with alternate facts. The “Invisible” Metro was inaugurated but no one saw it running. Highways are infested with goons who endorse “My Way or Highway” policy. “Pay up or perish” The socialist “Cycle” has transformed into “Lamborghini”. Power has transformed azam-khan-buffalo-300x225the First Family of Uttar Pradesh whereas villages do not have electricity. As per Azam Khan, “Procreation” is the only engagement for Muslims who do not have any jobs. Azam Khan’s statement about Muslims and their big family size is a sad commentary on the state of employment in the state. The socialist government’s tenure of ten years failed in employing the youth

Shouldn’t “The Outsider” be given a chance to turn things around? The entire “Insider/Outsider” debate is a farce. It’s coming from a person whose mother herself is Italian. “The Italian Job” which made them richer and the nation poorer.

Picture Credit: Screen Shot from from Twitter.


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