April 26, 2019

The Hangover Returns – A Bihar Story

When lust for power intoxicates, inanity follows. Susaashan babu, in a desperate bid, attempted to do a leap of faith from 1 Anne Marg(Patna) to 7 Race Course Road(New Delhi) and ended up making a draconian law for prohibition. Patna High Court has declared Nitish’s pet project Prohibition Law as illegal. A big loss of face for Nitish Kumar.

Alcoholism is a socio-behavioral problem. No amount of legislation can put an end to it. Awareness and responsible usage can. Nitish failed to see the logic because he had a different agenda. Political scores were being settled under the garb of prohibition. Excluding Todddy from purview of prohibition ensured certain vote banks do not get impacted. Sanity has been restored by Honourable High Court now.

People in Bihar who were left high and dry can hope to be sober in days to come. The Hangover Returns. Hope Sense & Sensibility would make a Ghar -Wapasi for Nitish. He needs to look beyond the realms of populism and get down to serious business. Curb corruption, nepotism and mushrooming crime in the state. Its high time Nitish should get his mojo back else he would fade into political irrelevance and oblivion. Tejasvi and Tej have started to take sheen off Susaashan aura.

Picture Courtesy: www.navodayatimes.in

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