April 21, 2019

The Holiday

After mundane but excruciating Mandsaur misadventure, hopping on to a bike and running in the fields creating a nightmare for Special Protection Group men, the Prince has decided to take some to unwind in Italy. Politics is just a stop gap arrangement for this tourist. His penchant for holidays, at a time when political tempers run high, have become a routine affair. During demonetization, he managed to get a “break”.

The assignment of fanning flames of unrest on the pretext of farmer fury has been left to the likes of Scindia (who was in United Kingdom when Congress leaders incited violence in Mandsaur) and Pilot. One leader comes from UK to pitch in for Prince who has announced his plans for Italy. Brilliant resource management. I am sure these leaders would clock more air miles than King of Good Times. One Congress leader in Madhya Pradesh declared that under Rahul’s leadership, farmers will fire at policemen. Is Rahul’s Italian odyssey linked to securing Italian armory for distressed farmers?

Karti flew to London when enforcement agencies got cracking at his offices. Rahul launched a commemorative edition of ill-famed National Herald in Bengaluru and a day after reading he revealed his travel plans. Since Delhi High Court has given a go ahead to Income Tax department to scrutinize tax returns of Young India and Associated Journals Limited in National Herald case, Rahul’s holiday plans would give him much needed boost to face inconveniences back home when horrors of “National Herald” start haunting him.

Technogym Games Village in Bologna, Italy is world’s biggest gym with state of the art technology. Rahul! Do pump in some iron at Technogym. Once you are back, you can pull off “rolled up sleeves”act with better ease at farmer rallies and protests. Your party leaders will keep the cauldron boiling till you return.

Picture Credit: Zee News


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