April 24, 2019

The Hug which Bugged Many



The “Hug” before and after India – US joint statement has bugged many in India, neighboring Pakistan and China. A desperate Congress party dubbed the joint statement as disappointing and old hat. Their “Tubelight” is flickering in Italy and that’s terribly disappointing than Modi Trump bonhomie which is upsetting the grand old party.


US termed Salahuddin as Global Terrorist and terror cells in academia and intelligentsia are a worried lot. Pakistan has raised the ante at LOC and China has resorted to skirmishes. Its a telling sign that new relationships formed between US and India is upsetting the apple cart in the subcontinent.

Protests at Lodha Trump Tower,Mumbai might happen before the much publicized “#NotInMyName” protest at Jantar Mantar against recent spate of lynchings.

Trump’s determination towards removal of Islamic terrorism has sent pen pushers in India scribbling for lengthy nonsensical pieces on manufactured saffron terrorism and cow vigilantism.


Picture Credit: Screen shots from Twitter


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