April 23, 2019

The Indian Army

Passionate about the Indian Army. Here is an amazing article by Aditi Sharma.

Indian armed forces are ranked among the top notch defense lines of the world. It is not just the number that counts; it is more about the willingness and valour to save one’s country. India has 2nd largest population in the world that accounts for 1.324 billion people and almost 65-70% of this population is youth and many youngsters enroll themselves in armed forces rather than following the mainstream courses.

It is the most adventurous career one could prefer. This career is more about passion and duty; it is not just about sitting behind the desk and scrambling your mind into the papers. It is about discipline, awareness, strength not just physical but emotional too. Armed forces make a person stronger, stronger enough to face any challenge that comes upon them. They don’t teach their personnel to run in the toughest time, they prepare them to form a barrier which would not let anyone hurt their country.

India is always known as the land of patriotism where thousands of people are willing to sacrifice their lives selflessly for saving their motherland. Terror in different region of world is increasing and with this the defense lines are also increasing their strength and skills. Indian armed forces are the military forces of the Republic of India under the commander of Chief President Ram Nath Kovind. It consists of three professional uniformed services: the Indian Army, Indian Navy, and Indian Air Force. All these forces work in a collaborated manner with each other.


The Indian Army is the land-based branch and the largest component of the Indian Armed Forces. The Indian Army originated from the armies of the East India Company, which eventually became the British Indian Army, and the armies of the princely states, which finally became the national army after independence. Their several regiments that constitutes this branch of armed forces like rajput regiment, sikh regiment, dogra regiment, madras regiment, sikh light infantry and list goes on. Initially, the army’s main objective was to defend the nation’s frontiers. However, over the years, the army has also taken up the responsibility of providing internal security, especially against insurgencies in Kashmir and the Northeast.


The Indian Navy is the naval branch of the Indian Armed Forces.  The Chief of Naval Staff, a four-star Admiral, commands the navy. The Indian Navy traces its origins back to the East India Company’s Marine which was founded in 1612 to protect British merchant shipping in the region. When India became a republic in 1950, the Royal Indian Navy as it had been named since 1934 was renamed to Indian Navy. In the 21st century, the Indian Navy has played an important role in maintaining peace for India on the maritime front. It has been deployed for humanitarian relief in times of natural disasters and crises across the globe, as well as to keep India’s maritime trade routes free and open.


The Indian Air Force is the air arm of the Indian armed forces. Its complement of personnel and aircraft assets ranks fourth amongst the air-forces of the world. Its primary mission is to secure Indian airspace and to conduct aerial warfare during armed conflict. It was officially established on 8 October 1932 as an auxiliary air force of the British Empire which honored India’s aviation service during World War II with the prefix Royal. And it was removed after 3 years of independence.

Government of India had established different academies and institutions related to these branches of Indian armed forces providing everything that is needed to build a strong foundation for their personnel. And there are different set of exams that are conducted by Government of India to select best of people for Indian military.


NDA (National Defense Academy) examination is conducted by UPSC twice a year. The examination is the first opportunity for every Armed Forces aspirant to join the forces. The candidate must be 12th pass or 12th appearing and must have his age in between the range of 16 ½ – 19 years.


CDS (Combined Defense Services) is also conducted by UPSC and is the opportunity served to the graduate students. The exam is to select candidates for IMA, OTA, AFA and INA. The exam is conducted twice a year and the minimum qualification for this exam is a graduate degree form recognized university.


AFCAT (Air Force Common Admission Test) is also conducted twice a year and there are two shifts of the exam on every exam date. The exam framed has optimum toughness level. The exam provides the opportunity to join Air Force through Technical, Flying, Administrative and other branches. The exam calls for graduate candidates with minimum of 60 % marks in graduation.

Territorial Army

This opportunity is for all the working aspirants. The exam is also conducted twice a year and all graduate aspirants having jobs can apply for it. The entry is known for the age range i.e. 18-42 years. Those who are already serving in Armed Forces are not eligible for it.

Indian armed forces is one of the best forces in the world that is because they believe in ‘service before self’  and solider is never off duty.


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