April 21, 2019

The Last Gandhi

No one can save a party which is on a self – destruct mode. The “Last Gandhia” is putting nails into the coffin election after election. Congress in Punjab did well despite the “Leadership” of the Gandhis.  If the party wishes to stay relevant and survive, they need to get rid of the “First Family” and focus on ground realities. The electorates have sent “UP ke Ladke” packing. Congress is facing an existential crisis and the credit goes to the culture of embracing patron managers(Sandeep Dikshit’s term for folks like Ahmed Patel and Digvijay Singh).



The landslide victory in UP election has sent the alarm bells ringing and Omar Abdullah has been candid enough to acknowledge the might of Modi juggernaut and lack of political leaders who can stand up to Modi’s magic. 2019, by all means, appears slam dunk for Modi. Opposition needs to do more than mere Modi bashing. Attacking Modi alone cannot get them votes.IMG_20170312_134235

Congress leaders like Sandeep Dikshit have openly acknowledged the futility of Modi bashing exercise. Election after election the same template has been used by RaGa and results have been zilch. The family enterprise model has to go.


The disappointment is quite visible in the language of Shehla Rashid and gang post UP elections  who were instrumental in fanning selective campus activism in DU. The timing of activism did raise suspicion. The overground workers of Congress and Maoists have morphed themselves into campus activists. There is a need to nip them in bud.

My colleagues from Kerala are rooting for Mr Tharoor for projecting him as “Prime Ministerial Candidate for 2019”. Leaders like Tharoor and Pilot who have the mettle and expertise to navigate party to success should be utilized to revive sagging fortunes.

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