July 18, 2018

The Love Story of Sri Krishnadeva Rayulu and Rani Chinnamma Devi

A Poem


She was an ethereal being, dancing on the stone floor,
He was mesmerized into stillness over by the temple door!

Swathed in silken weaves and intricate golden lace,
Regally and swanlike she danced with sublime grace,

Her smiling countenance played a glorious symphony,
While music followed her movements in splendid harmony,

Bathed in the golden hues of the great temple light,
Her beauty shone forth into that heavenly night!

He was utterly enthralled! Oh…she was a lovely sight to see!
She was a divine vision, and he suddenly felt Free!

Free from his desolation of the recent long dark days,
When his own kin had betrayed him in dastardly ways!!

Such great beauty inspired him, tears welled up in his eyes,
His despondency drained away and his hopes began to rise!

For all that fate had thrown at him he was ready once more,
He wasn’t to be denied his destiny, he quietly swore!

She too had seen him standing alone in the twilight,
‘T was as if for him alone she danced upon that starry night,

A total stranger, she had never seen him before,
Yet she felt a cosmic connection with his soul to her very core!

It was love at first sight, and they spoke with their eyes,
Love had bound them together with its delicate silken ties!

Forsaking a tragic past, he found solace in the here and now,
His deep melancholy vanished and smoothed his weary brow!

She sheltered him and applied balm to his wounded heart,
Their love for each other had given him a whole new start!

The days were spent in riding, hunting and archery,
Their evenings with Literature, Fine arts and Poetry!

She divined he had a painful past, and behind him a sad mystery,
She asked him to share the secret of his tragic history,

Alas, he was bound by a terrible oath he’d sworn not to break,
It did not matter, for she’d learned to love him for his own sake!

It was a fateful day when a messenger appeared for him and he had to go,
It was time for their parting and she was fraught with deep sorrow!

He solemnly vowed, “I will come back for you, my Love do not pine,
I swear by all that is holy, nothing can stop me now, I will make you mine!”

She eagerly awaited his return while time passed by at a slow pace,
For long there was no news about him, for he had vanished without a trace!

It was a time of great change for the Old King had died and a new king was crowned,
It was the king’s own brother, a valiant general who was greatly renowned,

He had been absent from court, it was suspected he had been killed!
He had resurfaced magically; the whole kingdom was greatly thrilled!!

The new king started forthwith on a great campaign and his army was passing by,
She joined the eager crowds to get a glimpse of him from some vantage high,

As the great army approached, she saw the mighty king mounted on his Arabian steed,
She was greatly shocked to see, it was none other than her very own ‘Stranger’ Indeed!!

She understood now the reason for his deep reticence during all those days,
The Loyal Minister Timmarasu had arranged for his escape in secret ways!

She was dumbfounded and speechless with her new found knowledge,
She was filled with great wonder, she prayed he would see her and acknowledge!

The great conqueror drew up to her and said,” Have no doubt my love it is me,
I have returned to take you to my palace, where my queen you shall be!

It was thus that they were united in love and joined in holy matrimony,
He was the Great King Sri Krishnadeva Rayulu, and She his Queen – Rani Chinnamma Devi!



Author is “Sentient Poet, amateur writer, perennial student and a persistent analyst, the author is a Senior Management Professional in the Indian Micro finance Sector”


Sentient Poet,amateur writer, perennial student and a persistent analyst, the author is a Senior Management Professional in the Indian Microfinance Sector
  • Chandrasekhar Poduri

    Love is the panacea that removes all wounds and inspires man towards great achievements! History is witness to such great Love Stories that have helped set a new course for mankind. This poem is my humble tribute to one of the greatest Conqueror Kings of the south.

    The above depicted photograph is of the Statues of Sri Krishnadeva Rayulu and his queens. The statues were placed by himself at the entrance to the Sanctum Sanctorum of the Tirumala Temple at Tirupati. They are there even today. In fact he was one of the greatest patrons of the temple….and it was during his reign that the temple gained fame.

    Sri Krishnadeva Rayulu ruled the vast Vijayanagara empire from 1509 to 1529.He was an able administrator, a great builder, a highly successful General who led his people from the front, a great and renowned patron of the fine arts and a great statesman of his times who practised the fine art of diplomacy. He ruled a vast empire and brought great stability and prosperity to his people. Foreign relations, Culture and literature flourished during his reign. He was himself the author of the literary masterpieces such as ‘Amuktamalyada’ and ‘Jambavati Kalyanamu’.

    The story goes that there was a brief period in his life when he had to travel incognito because his brother the king, had ordered him to be put to death. The wise and loyal minister Timmarasu had arranged for his escape from this horrendous fate. It was during this period that he met Chinnamma Devi who was a temple dancer. When he ascended the throne, he had to satisfy the dictates of royal statecraft and marry a royal princess. But immediately afterwards he married Chinnammadavi and made her his queen. The enduring Love Story is splendidly inspiring, and I was moved by it enough to try and immortalise it in poetry. I am sure someone else has probably done a better job, however this my humble attempt!