April 23, 2019

The Man and The Machine



Maken has accepted defeat and resigned. Accepting defeat is too mainstream, blaming it on the machine is like standing out from the crowd.


It would be prudent for leadership of AAP to listen to voices within the party. Going crazy over a machine will just put spanner in their works. The road to redemption would need putting every step with caution.


Justice Hegde has accused AAP violating ethics of politics. In order to stay relevant and check the downfall, AAP should get rid of Kejriwal. Kejriwal-mukt AAP and Gandhi- mukt Congress would benefit these parties. They cannot counter saffron juggernaut because these parties are crumbling under the weight of defunct leadership. They need to let go of the burden. Press the reboot button, start afresh because no party is invincible. The party men and cadres they will help in defeating opponents. It’s futile to wage a war against innocuous EVMs.

Picture Credit: Screen shot from twitter


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