April 19, 2019

The Naked Emperor

“The emperor is completely naked but nobody around him has the courage to tell him”.

Famous words from a dethroned Prince who was nursing an ambition of becoming an Emperor , but a ‘Commoner’ strolled across and snatched the kingdom putting an end to a dynasty that thought nothing can come in the way of their fiefdom .

From ‘Suit Boot ki Sarkar’ to ‘Naked Emperor’ , the confusion that the congress is beset with is there for everyone to see . They flounder at every step in their desperate attempt to erect a narrative to counter the onslaught of the unflagging Modi juggernaut .

Oratory is not Rahul’s cup of tea and that which is not one’s strength cannot be a weapon that can win battles . But , this simple fact somehow eludes him , he continues to plough ahead with his speeches unmindful of the damage that he is causing to himself .

The flashback to 2004 , Atalji’s ‘India Shining’ and the subsequent rout helps keep the Congress hopes alive and its engine chugging . They reassure themselves that if victory was possible then – why not in 2019 ? A similar thought is echoed by many opposition parties , scribes and prophesyers , but they are irrational in expecting a rehash of 2004 because Modi is well aware of what transpired then and he obviously has a plan to thwart a repeat .

When Congress talks of Gandhian values it practically means Nehruvian brand values . The Mahatma & the Freedom movement were just a mask behind which the Congress has for years built a Nehruvian edifice . Congress is a classic case of the lip talking something and the hands doing something else – to fool people they publicly pledge allegiance to Gandhian ideals , but stridently follow the path shown to them by Nehru , Indira & Rajiv .

The BJP under Modi has silently usurped the USP of the Freedom movement from the Congress by resurrecting the forgotten heroes of the Freedom movement . Nehruvian pages are being wiped out systematically , rightly so , because Nehru and his progeny unduly dominate the history books pushing many other prominent figures to mare footnotes of history.

They are not just being purged from the history books, they are being decimated politically . Take the latest case of Bihar , by refusing to talk sense to Lalu Yadav and shirking the responsibility to prevail upon him to relinquish power held through his Son, the Congress has allowed the BJP to come-back to power in Bihar.

Another such case is Gujarat . Crucial elections are coming up there but if there is a Party more dishevelled than the AAP , then it’s is the Congress Party .

The happenings in Gujarat is a setback to the Congress party , a disgruntled Shankarsinh Waghela left the party and his parting shot was a clear indictment of Congress . He had this to say – “Hardwork and human connect are both missing in the Congress” .

The Bofors ghost has returned to haunt the party . Congress is unable to simply wish it away .

Conclusion :

“The emperor is completely naked but nobody around him has the courage to tell him”, . This statement completely stupefies me, is Rahul’s accusatory statement self-incriminatory ?

Only Rahul can enlighten us !

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