April 20, 2019

The Naked Truth About The Emperor

Ramchandra Guha wants the “Emperor” to do a favor to the grand old party and Indian democracy by retiring from politics. I strongly disagree with historian Guha because that would mean a great disservice to entertainment starved population of the country. Humor has become a scarce resource in the country thanks to studied silence by Kejriwal (Kapil Mishra should pay for robbing us of entertainment). In absence of his tweets and statements my blood pressure shot through the roof. I cannot survive another loss of humor. The emperor needs to stay active in public life for the well-being of people. The students need to stay away from his mathematical calculations!

“The emperor is completely naked but nobody around him has the courage to tell him,” is an honest admission by the emperor himself. Attrition has hit “Dynasty Defense League” and old guards are leaving but the emperor is unnerved. “Cross voting” in the presidential election has reiterated the disarray and disenchantment amongst rank and file of the party. They did listen to their conscience while voting. Shankersingh Waghela has been accorded “political martyrdom” by 10 Janpath high command. Gujarat elections in December will bring back demons of political rout and Ahmed Patel’s re-election to Rajya Sabha would be caught in cross hairs if “cross voting” happens at behest of Waghela and Sons.

The emperor cannot help it if his coterie starts putting on “Dog filters” to showcase servitude and allegiance to dynasty. Durbaris were shameless in appeasing the emperor so much so that even dogs took offense to “Dog filters” used by sycophants. We need to be realistic here. It would be unfair to blame the minions of dynasty for using dog filters to profess their loyalty to high command. Their livelihood is at the mercy of bread crumbs thrown by 10 Janpath. Heavy petting has led to development of free loaders who have survived at the expense of dynasty. When pictures of emperor’s sister and beefy brother in law surfaced with Chinese ambassador, junkyard journalists sprang to the defense saying there is nothing wrong in trying Chinese cuisine with Chinese ambassador. It’s as harmless as having Kashmiri cuisine with “Separatists” in the valley or having coffee in NDTV studios during Left, Right and Centre debates. Mr Jaitley would vouch for innocuous nature of such nuances.

The truth of impending defeat in 2019 is not visible to the naked eye of the emperor. He needs to see through the smokescreen. Truth has been laid bare and not shrouded by clothes.

Picture Credit: Screen shot from Twitter


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