April 24, 2019

The New AIB: Tipu and Pappu


The “Tipu-Pappu” Bromance has taken comedy circuit by storm. Stand up comedy scene has been disrupted. These new kids on the block have reworked the terrain of buffoonery.

In the long run will we all  wear raincoat and take bath? (In the long run we are all dead-John Keynes’).

Well, Mr Digvijay has a different “Rai” about it.

Why would a diaper clad fear voyeurism? No peeping! Peeps!!!

Power is poison. No power (electricity) signals confidence?

There is something terribly funny about numbers. How does it even matter ?

Sleeping on the numbers game? Sleep well on “Made in UP” bed sheet.

pappu_tipuThe sheer stupidity is priceless and will leave you in splits. Master Card! There is no need to split your card for everything which is priceless. The election season brings out the best in Rahul Gandhi. Akhilesh has shown promise in picking up pieces from Rahul. A promising start has been made. Hope this Socialist Entertainment Scheme (Samajwai Manoranjan Yojana) continues for years. Niti Ayog! be damned. Planning Commission would have done some allocation for this scheme.

I just hate Modi’s fascism. I just love these UP Ke Ladke for the fun and lighter moments.

Picture Credit: Screen Shots from Twitter, thanks to all tweeples.


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