May 21, 2019

The Other 80%

A nation exists on this planet where 80% of the citizens are considered outsiders by the remaining 20%. The governments elected by due process of law works to favor the 20% even though a part of the 80% have also voted for it to power. The nation is none other than Bharat, the oldest continually surviving civilization on this planet. It really saddens to see the state of affairs of the 80% who taken upon themselves the identity called Hindu and try to live within the narrow ideals. To live as a Hindu is to live as not the privileged 20% and this truth is still not understood by a large section of the 80% population. The power resides in numbers but the other 80% have no real bargaining power as a careful dissection has been done on this 80% in such a way that the unity will be reality like a mirage.

A mirage is a naturally occurring optical phenomenon in which light rays are bent to produce a displaced image of distant objects or the sky. The ideological unity of the 80% is nothing but mirage which seem to happen at times but mostly is a self centered and narrow rent seeking unity. The predominant reasons for the other 80% being broken is the 22.5% and 27% reservations for groups based on some alleged historical crimes which have no justification in a modern nation based on the principle of equality. Nobody in the other 80% group would seek privilege but when the guiding principle itself is based on inequality, then there can be no sense of unity for sure. In the hope of removing the historical unfair treatment, the constitution has divided the 80% society for ever.

The other 80% society has lived the principles of natural justice and history cannot be brushed aside and any injustice cannot be projected into the modern times. There were reformed all the times and the society which kept reforming and removed ills was only based on positive action and not based on futuristic punishment for the historical mistakes. Who would want to practice untouchability? The two persons involved in the practice should be jailed similar to the modern times where the bribe giver and bribe taker are given punishment. The narrow minded and self righteousness of a section of leaders of the other 80% has led to the degeneration of our society so much that we have very few points of commonality in our ideological thought.

This variance of thought is exploited by the enemies of the state. A soldier is smacked by a terrorists and the nation remains a mute spectator for the fear of offending the privileged 20%. The pity is that not all among the other 80% have the courage to speak for the soldier who guards the nation and helps in maintaining the sovereignty. The Kashmir problem, illegal Bangladeshi problem, the cow smuggling problem, the evalangical conversion bigotry, church planting problem, etc all require the same solution. The solution is the clarity of thought and unity of the other 80%. There is not one sub group in the other 80% that could match the privileged 20% in numbers or bigotry. Though bigotry is not natural to the other 80% at least the matching in numbers is not happening and the blame should rest with the governments of the day which have always been happy to serve the privileged 20%.

The amount of mental torture given to the other 80% is beyond imagination. The farce democracy that we have mostly serves the interests of the privileged 20%. The justice systems that were supposed to uphold equality of law have been doing exactly opposite and have surrendered infront of the privileged 20%. The problem is not with the special treatments given to sub groups but the lack of any logical and justifiable basis for the propagation of this special treatment. The degenerated peaceniks and apologists of bigotry would say that an eye for an eye would turn the whole world blind, but shout their lungs out to provide some special privileges and for the continuance of enforced discrimination. The continuation of special privileges based on birth based rights is negated as reforms on some sub groups but are put into the minds of others as their right.

When shall the constitutional apartheid end on the Other 80%? So long as this apartheid continues, the other 80% shall remain as second rate citizens while the privileged 20% get away with every sort of action be it anti national or anti human. Reservations per se should be valid for everyone who has the same background in the times we live in and not based on historical myths and biased facts. The birth based reservation benefits is as much bigoted as much as the practice of untouchability. The other 80% should wake up and unite for the progress of the nation leaving behind the incorrect and mythical history that has been fed to us by people who are fed by the privileged 20%groups. The laws and rules should apply equally to all and the concept of privileges should end.

Picture Credit: DNA India


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