May 24, 2019

The Overachiever

“Time” has been witness to ever changing times chronicling ups and downs, high and lows, the misfits, the change makers. Some people are born great, some have greatness thrust upon them, while some “Overachieve” greatness. They accomplish the impossible.

Indian political scene was dominated by Grand Old Party for more than six decades. Other political players could hardly achieve the political capital required to assert their dominance. For the first time after 30 years, a party other than Indian National Congress, achieved the impossible. A complete majority. This unparalleled success was due to efforts, sweat and tears of one man who made it possible. Any guesses? It’s not Modi. It’s the Prince Charming “Rahul Gandhi”. He helped NDA achieve the impossible. The star campaigner who has always helped in “Congress Mukt Bharat” mission. The speed at which this mission is being executed by Rahul Gandhi, I think only Jupiter’s escape velocity could match it.

His spirit of innovation could give Elon Musk of Tesla a run for money. Tesla has announced bringing of electric vehicles to India. Good stuff!  Could he match the brilliance and ambition of Potato Factories? Hell No!! Agriculture in India is on the cusp of evolution. After Green Revolution, its the “Factory Revolution” which will take the nation forward. Farmers will realize their dreams of prosperity by sleeping on “Cots”. After all “Prince of Cot” has spoken. You cannot take his words lightly. Do it at your own peril.

His ingenuity is impeccable. So much so that “this morning I woke up at night”. Biorhythms ! You got busted by none other than the Genius Gandhi. Disruption is the new normal. Trust the Dynasty Scion to bring the change. Dream of impossible. He would make it possible. He is the one who has distorted the field of reality. Lines of realism have been blurred. After the success of Potato Factories, youth will do field trips to Mars with an effortless ease . As easy as a trip to Lonavala from Mumbai.


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