April 26, 2019

“The PENANCE: Story of PM in the making till Eternity”

Rahul ji will be reading Upanishads, Gita to take on BJP and RSS.

This is a welcome step. He is in for adrastic makeover (at least for name sake). I mean it as I write this article. Once he said people who go to temple tease girls. His father said when a big tree falls… Actually entire family has contributed to defame HINDUS. KP exodus, emergency, etc. The list is long and he has to understand from the scratch. The learning has to start from what Nehru said.


From Nehru to his mother, none has any respect for Hindus. From the time Modi has become PM they have more issues to handle. Paid media is good for nothing.  Despite hard work nothing worked. And now they have to protest on road with MMS for the first time in their life.

From 10 Janpath  to actual walking on JAN PATH. DIE NAS TY, News traders and NGOs from NAC days have failed in front of MODIs AGNEEPATH. Just when they feel there is space to create trouble MODI plays a trump card. 

Yes the game has started. Gradually but MODI has learned the trick of keeping them busy instead of being reactive for no fault of his work.

Rahul and his mother are confused big time. Curse Hindus, call Bhagwan RAM a myth and go against Ram Setu. What are they doing?

Their life is like disgruntled passenger standing at railway booking office and keeps changing the queque, only to realize when he reaches the window…. the clerk closes it for lunch time.

What all things he has to go through to keep the hope of party alive. Visit Kalawati, make promises to her. Discuss her condition in Parliament during vot on nuclear deal. Only to compel Nitin Gadkari to go and help her.

HINDUS are open to change and open to accepting criticism. The journey that started by saying “I am Hindu by accident ended with Saffron Terror”. The matter is serious and people are prompt to respond.

HINDUS will be more than happy if Rahul wants to read Upanishads and Gita. But from whom? Digvijay? Salman Khursid?  On a serious note, these are not easy to read. They are in SANSKRIT. First he has to learn what MNREGA is? Rest can follow.


Rahul has to do Penance. MODI did not become PM overnight. Is it possible for a person who was partying the day terrorists attacked Taj, Oberoi and CST station in Mumbai. Is it possible when VOTE Bank politics is the only way to remain in POWER.

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Video Credit: ketan nitnaware


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