March 22, 2019

The Poor Parity Paradox


Farm Loan Waivers are passé, legal bill waiver is in. Hail Jethmalani’s “Poor Parity Index” (extremely in poor taste).


Jethmalani has rewritten the code of poverty (Innovation in the name of Poverty)


Why should Delhi taxpayers foot the bill for an anarchist’s “foot in mouth” syndrome?


This malafide intent of misusing public money is not a trivial matter and should be dealt strongly. Legal troubles are far from over for Yugpurush.The man who started his crusade against corruption had left no stone unturned in corrupting every aspect of governance. Kicking Prashant Bhushan out of AAP was a poor thought. At least Bhushan could have fought legal cases for free.


Yogendra Yadav has aptly described the current situation as AAP’s inability to understand the grammar of Governance. AAP was never meant for governance. It was a motley collection of opportunists and anarchists who took a legislative route for material gains.

Ram Jethmalani initially agreed to fight for free. Did Kejriwal ask for his degrees? No one knows why Jethmalani started charging legal fees. He is more interested in embarrassing Jaitley than winning case for Kejriwal. A case doomed to fail. Its anybody’s guess who is going to be poorer at the end of legal battle.


National Health Policy and Family Planning Welfare should accommodate sufficient safeguards to avert social disasters like Kejriwal.

Picture Credit: Screen shots from Twitter, thanks to all tweeples.


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