April 24, 2019

The Pot – holed road to Make – In – India

‘Make–In–India’, is a revolutionary idea that has been initiated by the Government of Mr. Narendra Modi, the Hon. Prime Minister. Launched in September 2014 as part of an overall plan of nation building, it is devised to transform India into a global design and manufacturing hub.

Two years and couple of months later, while the Government is working hard to ensure ‘ease of doing business’ by restructuring labor laws and other disadvantages that have constricted business in the past, the ground reality is still a long way from the dream that is envisaged under this initiative.

Majority of the infrastructure is still under development with major and industrial roads not up-to the required international standards. The choke points of highway toll-booths, Octroi toll-booths and other sundry policing points by various government departments prevent the smooth flow of traffic of raw materials and manufactured goods. Add to this the still defunct logistics facilities, lack of adequate warehousing of global standards and the use of a trucking fleet made-up of old and inefficient cargo carriers; and any other country is preferred by the global investor over India.

While the campaign has attracted over Indian Rupees 2000 crore worth of investment proposals, only a fraction of this has been translated into real money-in-the-bank commitment by foreign investors. Labor reforms and policy reforms have still not trickled down to the grass root levels. The bureaucracy is still sluggish and uninspiring, and prefers to do its work as it is used to under previous governments.

While technology development companies have started up operations using the immediate benefits of this campaign, they still prefer their hardware to be manufactured in China and Taiwan.

The biggest pothole in the road to Make–In–India is the complete lack of discipline among the citizens of our country. The notion or idea of Pride, National interest, Quality of production is unknown and uninteresting to the majority of our populace. As a society, we do not believe in social obligations or civic discipline.

Laws are broken with impunity because law–enforcement is weak and prosecution is a horribly long drawn process.

A Nation is defined by its character. Character is not hard to define. “Character is doing what’s right, when nobody is looking.” Pride, Duty, Honor and Tradition! These are the four pillars that make up a strong character.

Pride – is the manner in which we live our life, with full commitment to our abilities and capabilities. Pride in our work leads to dignity in our personality.

Duty – is much more than an obligation. It is a responsibility, combined with our right to live a happy and contented life. Not for ourselves alone are we born, said the philosopher Cicero.

Honor – when we do our duty with honesty and pride, it leads to honor. Honor is the respect that we gain from others in our society as an appreciation of our accomplishments.

Tradition – is the act of honoring our ancestral and cultural roots. It is a guide path that leads us to do our duty with pride and gain honor. Old traditions are replaced by new ones and change with time, since traditions are always a guide and never a jailor.

Add to this the singular most important element called Discipline.

Discipline is the key factor for any success and that is the one factor that we are completely ignoring in our quest to be the best of Nations. Discipline ensures that the work that needs to be done; is done at the time it needs to be done, when most people really don’t want to do it. The one factor that transforms an idea into accomplishment is – Discipline.

Unless the Government of Mr. Narendra Modi enforces the laws and social norms that are already enacted and exist in the books, and ensures that the elements of Discipline, Duty, Pride and Honor are all practiced by the majority of our citizens – the dream of Make–In–India will remain only a idea on paper and on the websites.

Bharatmata Ki Jai.

Picture Credit: LinkedIn

Author: ‘Sardar’ Sanjay Matkar

Twitter: @sanjaymatkar



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