April 23, 2019

The Power of One!

An Ode to A Young Apostle of Peace

“When the whole world is silent, even one voice becomes powerful!”
Your youth not yet in bloom, flowers you give us a bowerful,
They failed to hear your wisdom; they tried to silence your voice!
It was a bunch of bigots and fanatics, they horribly erred in choice!!

You walked with great courage in times of strife and adversity
You talked of education for all girls with great tenacity!
That the paths less travelled, are the ones to courageously take,
You’ve shown how the world a better place to make!

It is your prodigious self-belief that leads you on in life,
With equanimity you have dealt with great pain and strife!
With difficult choices made, the way forward you have shown,
A worthy dream to share and a children’s garden grown,

The world now listens to what you have to say,
It recognizes the wise counsel that you seek to convey,
You’ve shared your dream and a noble mission,
To lead the children from drudgery to Liberation!

You will lead the world into the golden dawn of a bright new day
Your generation will drive the pursuit of knowledge in a whole new way,
Where opportunities will abound for all who want to try,
To spread their wings wide and reach out for the sky!

Go ahead… Young Apostle of Peace, take wings and soar into the blue!
Spread the light of knowledge to everyone, let it come shining through!
Let it pierce the world’s dark corners and of people’s minds too,
YOU have The Power of One, May the power always shine on you!
With the brilliance of the Sun…….may it forever shine on you!


Sentient Poet,amateur writer, perennial student and a persistent analyst, the author is a Senior Management Professional in the Indian Microfinance Sector