March 18, 2019

The Proportion and Pain Paradox

Defeat makes one delusional. Delusion leads to finding scapegoats. Abhishek Manu Singhvi has alleged that Modi is acting in inverse proportion to the office he holds. Singhvi’s mind has been proportionately affected by “Made in Amethi” syndrome. My sympathies are with with Dr Singhvi. Madam’s ill and Prince has been mentally “ill” to see the impending doom. Pawns have been left to defend and fight the Goliath. This explains the wordplay on “Proportion” to justify “Saturday Fever” which has gripped “KASAB” (Amit Shah’s terminology during UP election campaign). The pain of crushing defeat stares them in the face.

IMG_20170310_185651Symptoms of Saturday 11th March Fever have afflicted BSP. The party has alleged EVM tampering. Socialist Tipu has found respect for “Bua” and Azam Khan has invented new formula for seats which defies mathematics. He has predicted 380 seats for SP, 20 for BJP and 80 for BSP. Buffaloes seemed to have offered their food for Azam Khan’s thought. Recent rains have caused slush in Lucknow. Signs for Lotus to bloom?
I am no advocate of exit polls but the ground swell signals “Saffron Holi”. The huge voter turnout is an indication that “Vanvaas” is going to end. Jumbo riding the cycle seems a bit improbable. Opportunism trounces idealism in politics. Bua and Tipu coming together cannot be ruled out completely. The diffidence shown by Akhilesh in BBC Hindi interview is an indication that daggers will be drawn in Yadav clan after Saturday results. Brace yourselves for another pari ”War”. This time the script would be solely written by electorates of the state. The state has population bigger than Brazil so some “Political Salsa” is bound to happen.

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