April 26, 2019

The Raincoat

“I am an optimist but an optimist who carries a raincoat” – Harold Wilson

mms_1IMG-20170208-WA0061Little did Harold Wilson know that there will be an “Economist” who will wear the raincoat in the bathroom? An economist wearing a raincoat in the bathroom can do executive “loot” and “plunder”. Deep pockets! You see. There will be no “monumental failure”. A little bit of unease happens when a rookie takes out an “ordinance” from one of the pockets of the raincoat and tears it down. But, these hiccups are not so unpleasant. A commoner, pointing fingers at the economist for having stain free epidermis, is unpardonable.

IMG-20170209-WA0000Scams galore happened under the tutelage of this economist. The “Family” reaped benefits. Freebies doled out IMG-20170209-WA0002as bread crumbs to people making economy sick in the return. The economist remained economic with the truth. When a tea selling commoner elevated to post of Prime Minister by sheer power of democracy, an outlier, pays back the economist in same coin all hell breaks loose.

The dynasty has failed to come to terms with the fact that a tectonic shift has happened. Skeletons are tumbling out of their closet. Inconvenient truth and harsh criticism is here to stay. They might choose to put on a “Raincoat” and feign ignorance.

Picture Credit: Screen Shots from Twitter


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