May 19, 2019

The real life of a Whistleblower

The first lesson we are taught in schools, colleges and before joining any service is to be honest. But what actually we experience in real life is just opposite.

Honesty is considered as crime today and honest are termed as insane or fools. If someone works as government servant and tries to be honest in India, then it is like committing suicide. No one including your own family members supports you and your life is always in peril.

Whistleblowing is only tool which an honest can resort to against the corruption in any organisation. It is a fact based on personal experience of mine during 25 years of service in Customs.

I wrote an email on 26th of January, 2003 against manipulation by the office of Joint Secretary, Conservation of Smuggling and Prevention of Smuggling Activities Act, which leaked secret documents on the basis of which Ram Jethmalani and P. Chidambaram, Senior Counsels pleaded before Hon’ble Delhi High Court to quash the Detention Order passed against an economic offender.

Life has not been same since then with future uncertain. Though media came to rescue but after the initial furry of publicity fades, the corrupts jumped on to ruin career and life. The whistleblower is praised at initial stages and become popular but the seniors in department categorize him as snitch and traitor. He should be ready to be a martyr. He is almost always seen as symbol, whose life is shattered. He faces reprisal, frivolous investigation launched, leaving him jobless or compelling him to be jobless and hounded, personally attacked and professionally discredited.

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Supdt. of Customs (Read). Whistleblower. Recipient of 2004 Navleen Kumar Award. Sacrificed brother and service for honesty and integrity. Advocate, Bombay High Court.